Solstice Downtown Sunnyvale in CA Bakery & Cafe Store

Solstice Downtown Sunnyvale

our newest location. we have history in sunnyvale. in 1979, before our palo alto location even existed, our founder was baking our now famous chocolate on chocolate cakes out of a rented kitchen space in the middle of the night. that space - in a cookie shop that has since been closed and torn down - is only walking-steps away from our newest location today.

we took our fifth location (technically fourth, since closing our saratoga store in late 2014) as an opportunity to "update" ourselves. as a business that started 35 years ago, baking from recipes and ideas that are much older than that, it's sometimes hard to remember that times are changing. that lead us to "modernize" our look and feel. some features include using re-purposed wood for our dining tables and a large communal table perfect for work. it also means a refresh of technology: self-order kiosks and a paging system to pick up your cafe orders.

our sunnyvale store was a much anticipated project that went well beyond it's planned opening date, but we hope it was worth waiting for.


259 w. washington ave.
sunnyvale, ca 94086
t: 408.737.7818
f: 408.737.7819

store hours:

8:00AM - 10:00PM
7:00AM - 10:00PM
7:00AM - 11:00PM