The Prolific Oven - Gallery


  • Blueberry Cream (GF)
    Gluten-Free Blueberry Cream, made with real blueberries
  • Scone
    Corn Apricot Scones
  • Thanksgiving Catering
    Turkey Catering for your Thanksgiving meal
  • Apple Pie
    Rack of Apple Pies right out of the oven
  • Scone
    Our new Corn Apricot scones
  • Cherry Pie
    Cherry pies in the making
  • Pecan Pie
    Fresh Pecan Pies with no artificial flavors or preservatives added
  • Pablo Tart
    Pablo Tart with our turkey design for Thanksgiving (must be requested at time of order)
  • Pumpkin Pie
    Individual Size Pumpkin Pie
  • Pecan Pie
    Rack of Pecan Pies, right out of the oven
  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie baked from scratch with no preservatives or additives
  • Very Berry Trifle
    Very Berry Trifle Cake with fresh berries
  • Honey Almond Bar
    Mini Honey Almond Bars (special sizing upon request)
  • Brownie, Chocolate
    Full Sheet of Chocolate Brownies cut into thirds for a special order
  • Mini Cream Puff, Heart
    Cream Puffs in a shape of a heart for Valentine's Day
  • Chocolate Heart
    Chocolate Heart Cake in the making
  • Yule Log, Kahlua Mocha
    Kahlua Mocha Yule Log, Small
  • Thanksgiving Catering
    Our turkey can be carved for your convenience
  • Fruitcake, Naturally Aged
    6" Naturally-Aged Fruitcake
  • Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Steak
    Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Rib-Eye special at Fremont (may not be currently available, please see store's cafe page for most up-to-date specials information)
  • Mini Danish
    Assorted Mini Danish
  • Mini Croissant
    Assorted Mini Croissants
  • Mini Tarts shells pre-fill
  • Coffee Cake, Dulce de Leche
    Dulce de Leche Coffee Cake pieces, topped with streusel and dulce de leche drizzles
  • Strudel, Peach
    Assembling strudels with fresh peaches (seasonal only)
  • Buche de Noel
    Small Buche de Noel, special for the holiday season only
  • Yule Log
    Small Yule Log, special for the holiday season only
  • Yule Log
    Small Kahlua Mocha Yule Log, available for the holiday season only
  • Southwest Chicken Wrap special at Rivermark (may not be currently available, specials change weekly at this location)
  • Blackened Ahi Tuna Steak
    Blackened Ahi Tuna Steak special at Fremont (may not be currently available, please see store's cafe page for more information)
  • Tri-Tip Steak
    Tri-Tip Steak special at Fremont (may not be currently available, please see store's cafe page for details)
  • Moscato Dessert Wine
    Enjoy a glass of Moscato Dessert Wine with your dessert at our Fremont store
  • H6. Turkey Tomato Pesto Melt
    H6. Turkey Tomato Pesto Melt: turkey, Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and Sun-Dried tomato spread on grilled sourdough
  • A4. Fried Calamari
    A4. Fried Calamari - our most popular appetizer (Fremont store only)
  • A5. Bruschetta
    A5. Bruschetta: traditional mix of Roma tomatoes with basil and garlic, topped with Parmesan cheese (Fremont store only)
  • A7. Fried Zucchini
    A7. Fried Zucchini: homemade battered zucchini sticks served with ranch dressing (Fremont store only)
  • Black & White Tuxedo
    Assembling our Black & White Tuxedo cakes
  • Chocolate Mocha
    1/2 Sheet Chocolate Mocha before finishing off with chocolate shavings
  • Choux pastry for cream puffs and eclairs, right out of the oven
  • French Macaron
    S'more Macarons: graham-cracker shell, homemade marshmallow and chocolate icing
  • Orange Custard Cream
    10" Orange Custard Creams in the making with fresh orange zest
  • Challah
    Round Challahs are available for Rosh Hashanah or by special pre-order
  • Decadence
    165 Serving 4 Tier Peg Style with Decadence decorations
  • Grapevines
    115 Servings 3 Tier Stack Cake with Grapevine decorations
  • The Vineyard
    120 Serving 3 Tier Peg Style with The Vineyard decorations
  • Champagne Bubbles
    55 Servings 3 Tier Peg Style with Champagne Bubbles
  • Challah, Round
    Round Raisin Challah ready for baking
  • California Omelet
    B5. Californian Omelet: omelet with tomatoes and avocado, covered in Monterey Jack cheese and served with sour cream
  • Western Scramble
    B4. Western Scramble: eggs scrambled with ham, bell peppers, onions and Cheddar cheese
  • Three Eggs Any Style
    B1. Two Eggs Any Style: scrambled, with bacon and english muffin shown
  • S11. Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Salad
    S11. Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Salad: butter lettuce, Radiccio, Parmesan-crusted chicken breast, Fuji apples, grapes and Ranch dressing
  • S11. Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Salad
    Large to-go order for Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Salad
  • California Chicken
    H1. California Chicken: charbroiled breast, Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, Alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomato and mayo on white bread
  • The Prolific Garden
    C3. The Prolific Garden, a cold-sandwich Vegetarian option
  • Chicken Pesto Panini
    N4. Chicken Pesto Panini: chicken breast, Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, tomato and Sun-Dried Tomato pesto on soudough
  • Cookie Tins
    Cookie Tins available during the holiday season
  • Cup Cake
    Orange Almond cupcakes
  • Rum cream cheese icing on our Chocolate Rum
  • Banana Custard Cream ready for whipped cream decorations
  • We prepare only a few extra cakes daily; please place orders in advance!
  • We have a handful of extra cakes at our retail store daily
  • Mini Croissants available by pre-order
  • Decorating Chocolate Rum cakes
  • Bacon Wrapped Scallop special at Fremont (may not be currently available, please see store's cafe page for more information)
  • Mini Fruit Tarts available for pre-order
  • Cherry Pies in the making
  • Mini Napoleons
  • Decorating Carrot cakes
  • Thanksgiving Catering
    Thanksgiving Catering: a marinated 16+ lb whole Turkey, serves about 15-18 people
  • PT1. Cold Sandwiches
    Party Tray (10 sandwiches) of The Prolific Garden
  • PT. Fresh Fruit Platter
    Fresh Fruit Platter (fruits and platters will vary)
  • P8. Salmon & Artichoke Penne
    S8. Salmon Artichoke Penne (only available at Rivermark)
  • Chicken Carbonara
    Our most popular special at our Fremont location: Chicken Carbonara
  • A3. Citrus Crab Cakes
    A3. Citrus Crab Cakes: crab cakes served on a bed of citrus salad with oranges, lemons and limes (Fremont store only)
  • Lemon Tart
    Lemon Tarts made with tangy lemon custard
  • Strudel, Cherry
    Cherry Strudel
  • Fruit Tart
    Our Fruit Tarts are made daily with fresh fruits
  • Pablo Tart
    Topping the custard-filled tart with fresh fruit
  • Orange Custard Cream
    10" Orange Custard made with fresh orange zest
  • Tiramisu Cheesecake
    10" Tiramisu Cheesecake pre-sliced with special decoration (fees apply)
  • Chocolate on Chocolate
    Chocolate on Chocolate cakes, pre-icing
  • Chocolate on Chocolate
    6" Chocolate on Chocolate
  • Fruit Tart
    Fresh Fruit Tarts
  • Eclair, Chocolate
    Mini Eclairs
  • Sticky Bun, Walnut
    10" Walnut Sticky Bun
  • Danish
    Assorted Danish
  • Tiramisu Cheesecake
    Preparing slices of Tiramisu Cheesecake
  • Tiramisu Cheesecake
    8" Tiramisu Cheesecake
  • Passover Chocolate Orange Torte
    10" Passover Chocolate Orange Torte
  • Swedish Princess
    Swedish Princess longs for slicing in the making
  • Swedish Princess
    Putting finishing touches on 8" Swedish Princess cakes
  • Strawberry Cream, White
    White Strawberry Cream cakes in the making - our most popular French Style cake
  • Pablo Tart
    8" Pablo Tart