Place your Thanksgiving orders by Monday, Nov 23 2015

by Regina 17. November 2015 00:20

The holiday season is upon us! This is our favorite time of the year for all the obvious reasons but it's also our busiest. Thanksgiving and Christmas go neck and neck for the busiest day of the year - but usually it's Thanksgiving that takes the win! It doesn't hurt that we have one of the best Pumpkin pies in the area either ;) (See our blog post post from last year).

That being said, it would be extremely helpful for us to have all your Thanksgiving orders in as soon as possible. Again, we always bake-to-order but it will help us enormously to have some sort of idea of what numbers we'll be baking this year. That way we can start properly preparing: ordering ingredients, supplies, etc.

To keep waste and therefore costs low, we will have very limited quantity of extras available on Thursday, at the locations that are open (Palo Alto will be closed). "Extras" meaning items that have not been pre-ordered or reserved but available to purchase at walk-in. We don't encourage this (since quantities are limited!) but understand that life is unexpected and you may need something at last minute. However, if you do know you need pies, cakes, dinner rolls or anything else we bake, please place an order no later than Monday, November 23rd. Of course, the sooner the better ;)



Wishing you and your family a wonderfully warm and happy Thanksgiving!

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