Please Pre-Order Passover Cakes and Cookies

by Regina 27. March 2015 05:48

Don't forget to put your orders in for Passover! It is coming up next Friday, April 3rd. Last year we only received a handful of orders in advance, but had tons of you calling the morning of for cakes and cookies! Beause we didn't have notice, we ended up running out of items. We'd hate to turn you away so please, pre-order by calling in two days in advance - by Wednesday. Remember we bake everything fresh (never frozen!) so it's extremely hard for us to gauge how many of what we should be baking on Friday without pre-orders. We thank you in advance!

Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, I still encourage you to try the Passover-exclusive products because they are really that good. My favorite is the Strawberry Banana Cream - so good that I wish we had the cake year round. And of course, our Almond Macaroons. 

The Strawberry Banana Cream is so full of flavor and very moist because the sponge itself is baked with fresh bananas. Then we fill the layers with fresh whipped cream, fresh strawberries and bananas. 

The Chocolate Orange Passover cake can be prepared two ways. Either way this cake is gluten-free*, made instead with ground almonds and potato starch. We can prepare it as a torte, with just fresh fruit places on top, or as a cream cake where we cut layers, fill it and decorated with whipped cream all around.

In addition to Coconut Macaroons, we will also be baking Almond Macaroons: both almond and chocolate flavored. If you love almonds, these are not to miss!

Hope everyone has a great holiday and remember, please place your orders by Wednesday!


*Please note we bake in a facility that also processes flour, nuts and other allergens and cannot 100% guarantee no cross-contamination. If you are allergic, we do not recommend consuming our products.

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