Order Valentine's Day treats by Friday, and try the Sweetheart Cake before it's gone!

by Regina 11. February 2015 03:19

Valentine's Day is only THREE days away! Make sure your pre-order your sweetheart's favorite chocolate goodies before Friday to have them guaranteed on Saturday!

Our Valentine's Day exclusive Chocolate Hearts are the most popular and will be the first to go on Saturday. It's basically your (and ours!) favorite chocolate cake, covered in chocolate icing, in the shape of the heart. Traditional, and elegant in it's simplicity.

If you're looking for something more special, try our Sweetheart Cakes. They are a February-exclusive and it's so good we get requests to do this cake year-round. Our famous chocolate cake with raspberry filling, decorated with our special Kirsch cream cheese frosting. Have you ever had Kirsch flavored cake icing? It might be our very best icing! See for yourself, but make sure it's before the end of February!

We're also making mini Cream Puff Hearts! Buy one, buy a dozen - hand them out to your co-workers and they will love you.


If your loved one isn't necessarily a chocolate fan, we will also be making Strawberry Mousse in individual and 6" heart sizes. Our Tiramisu Cheesecake is also available in a 6" heart shape. Both the Strawberry Mouse and Tiramisu Cheesecake are extremely limited in quantity, so don't wait to place your order if these are the items you're interested in.

And who needs chocolate candies when we have fresh baked cookies? We're making chocolate chip cookies in heart shapes, about 5" large, and can inscribe whatever you like. Kiss Me, I'm yours?

Lastly, we are making our Raspberry Sandwich and Half Dip cookies in heart shapes in two sizes: mini and regular. We'll also have Gingerbread available all week long!

Remember, to guarantee your items on Saturday, please place your order no later than Friday, before 2pm is preferred. Don't wait until the last minute because trust us, everyone else will and you might not get what your Valentine wants. Call us to preorder, it's easy!

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