Buche de Noel Perfect Holiday Dessert

by Regina 16. December 2014 02:21

Looking for a festive dessert that will impress your guests at your holiday dinner? Look no further.

Our Buche de Noels and Yule Logs are the perfect centerpieces to your dinner table. Edible art, even. And only made this time of year.

Completely hand crafted and made from scratch, these fun desserts are available in two sizes (small serving 6-8, large 14-16) and nine flavors. For those of us who can't get enough chocolate, I recommend ordering the Buche de Noel. Slightly higher in price but definitely more authentic looking if we're going to replicate a log. However, if you're not so big on chocolate or want to go with a cheaper option, the Yule Log is the exact same on the inside and decorated with whipped cream on the outside.

See behind-the-scenes and the step-by-step process we take to create these beauties here.

Like all of our cakes, both of these holiday desserts are made fresh and never frozen. Because their labor-intensive, several others bakeries bake these cakes ahead of time to meet demands. For us, freshness is not something we are willing to compromise even if that means we can't meet our demand and potential orders turned away. This means two things for you. 1) Quantities are limited. We are only able to take a certain amount of orders to keep all of them fresh, so once we hit that number, we are sold out. If you know you need one, place the order ASAP! And 2) Pick-ups on Christmas Eve must be made after 2pm. This is simply because we will still be baking and assembling on the morning of the 24th. 

More information, including what flavors are avaiable, can be found on our website. Feel free to call or walk-in to place your orders. Hope to see you on Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays!

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