Voted Among THE BEST Pumpkin Pies in Bay Area

by Regina 3. November 2014 02:00

Thanks again for SJMN for voting us among the BEST for Pumpkin Pies. We can't believe it's been a year since then already.

Those who haven't been with us for a while may grow wide-eyed at our pie prices. Why would you pay $14.25 for a Pumpkin Pie with us, when you can purchase one that's twice as big for half as much at Costco? And the reason is this: you get what you pay for.

I love Costco, I love it. I will make any excuse to go there and buy anything I can in bulk. But when I pass by the bakery section, I always wonder how they can sell THAT many of everything. THAT many cookies, THAT much bread, THAT many pies? But recently I took a closer look at their packaging, and you might be surprised what you'll find if you do.

First, there's a Sell By date. And usually, that date isn't today. If you sift through the piles of pies, you'll find a range of dates. Some will be sell by today, some by tomorrow or even 2-3 days from now. This isn't exclusive to Costco; you'll see this often at many supermarket bakeries like Safeway, Smart & Final, etc. And to be completely fair, there are some baked goods that are even better the next day, when all the flavors have had time to sit and muddle together. So a pie that isn't baked the same day is far from the worst thing. But then the question that begs to be asked is: how many days exactly has it been sitting there?

Secondly, and actually more importantly, knowing full well the rising costs of dairy (which has jumped significantly due to the drought), eggs and sugar, how can these supermarket bakeries afford to sell their pies for so cheap? And that's when you need to take a closer look at the ingredient list, that is so much longer than what it should be. Some supermarket bakeries are better than others. Costco, for example, was a pretty decent list up until the end where there were words that I never heard of, let alone able to pronounce. But some other bakeries... did you know you can use egg substitutes?! And some bakeries use "whipped cream" that comes out of a bucket that doesn't need to be refrigerated? Let me repeat that one more time: whipped CREAM that DOESN'T need to be refrigerated!

These are the reasons why our pies cost a little extra, but are well worth it in terms of what is good for us and our families. When we say our pies are natural, we mean it! We don't add any artificial flavors, artificial colors OR preservatives. We use real butter, real eggs, real sugar (is there a thing as fake sugar? Probably, but we wouldn't know!) in all of our products. Our products, not refrigerated or kept in proper settings, WILL spoil because we don't add preservatives or additives to extend their shelf-life. But don't worry about that, given the quality and expectations we set for ourselves, you really shouldn't have any leftovers on Thanksgivng ;)

Hope you will give our pies a try this year, if you haven't already. Is there a pie that you love that's missing on our list? Leave a comment below and we'll see what we can do. Happy Holidays!

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