Our First Official Flourless Dessert: Chocolate Verrines

by Regina 14. March 2014 04:16

Today marks the launch date of our first official flourless dessert! You've been asking and asking for gluten-free desserts and finally, with much anticipation, we launched our first dessert today.

Our Chocolate Verrine is perfect for a chocolate-holic, eating gluten-free or not. It is a chocolate-lover's dream in a cup. First, we start with a thick layer of our decadent chocolate ganache, then a generous portion of a newly developed chocolate mousse and finally topped off with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Phew, that was a lot of chocolates! The different textures and chocolate intensities - together on one spoonful... well, I'm not even sure if I could accurately describe it to you. You might just have to stop by the stores to taste it for yourself!

In stores today, let us know what you think! If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you know that we're also working on a Gluten-Free Blueberry Cream cake. It just needs a few more tweaks (nothing but absolute perfection for our customers!) so we should be able to accept orders in a couple weeks. Here's a sneak peak of what it will look like:

As always, please leave any comments or suggestions in the comments section below. We'll see you in a couple weeks for our first official Gluten-Free cake launch!


*Please note, as with nuts and other allergens, we bake our Gluten-Free and flourless products in the same facility as we bake all of our other goods. Unfortuantely, we are unable to guarantee there was absolutely no cross-contamination. If you have severe allergies, please refrain from consuming our products.

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