April holidays: Passover and Easter

by Regina 29. March 2012 05:50

Looking for desserts for Passover? Or fresh Hot Cross Buns for Easter Sunday? Look no further!

Each year we exclusively bake Passover cakes without the traditional use of flour; instead, we bake with potato starch and Matzo meal. The two cookie options we have, Almond Macaroons and Coconut Macaroons, are also made sans-flour.

For chocolate lovers we have our Chocolate Orange Passover cake, which can be decorated with or without whipped cream. Without whipped cream, we generously top the cake with fresh strawberries and oranges. With the cream, we cover the torte with whipped cream first then decorate with fruit along the perimeter for some color.

A chocolate alternative to our Passover desserts is our Strawberry Banana Passover cake. This banana sponge is made with fresh bananas and Matzo meal (note: because of the Matzo Meal, this cake is NOT gluten-free). Between the layers of sponge lies fresh strawberries, bananas and whipped cream. It's decorated with whipped cream, sliced almonds on the sides and topped with some fruits around the perimeter. By default this cake is sprinkled with Orange Curacao liqueur for both flavor and to keep the cake moist; but this can be substituted with Orange Juice by request. 

We'll also be making two types of macaroons! Our Almond Macaroons, made specially for this holiday, is made with almond paste. It's available in plain and chocolate flavors. Lastly, the Coconut Macaroons we have in our case everyday also do not contain flour.

Hot Cross Buns (not flourless) are also in season again! Please place your orders in advance if you know you'll be needing them. We'll also be baking our Raspberry Sandwich cookies in the shape of bunnies -- so stop by after your egg hunts!

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Nina Moore
Nina Moore United States
4/4/2012 7:09:11 AM #

As a Jew who also cannot eat gluten, I would like to note that while your Passover cakes may be appropriate for Passover, matzo is still made from wheat flour.  So, unless you are using wheat-free matzo meal, your cakes are not gluten-free. Matzo is unleavened bread.

regina United States
4/4/2012 7:33:44 AM #

Hi Nina,
Thank you for the comment! You are completely right and thank you for pointing this out! While both of our cakes we offer, Chocolate Torte and Strawberry Banana, are great for Passover, only one of these cakes is gluten-free. Our Strawberry Banana is made with Matzo Meal and Potato Starch but our Chocolate Torte is made with just Potato Starch (with of course chocolate, almonds, etc).

Our Macaroons, too, contain no flour -- just almond paste (or coconut flakes for the Coconut Macaroons), some eggs, dairy and sugar.

Hope this clears it up a bit. Thanks again, Nina!


Nina Moore
Nina Moore United States
4/4/2012 10:52:35 AM #

Thank you so much for your response and correction.  I have ordered one of each for our large family seder, and since my cousin and I both cannot eat gluten, I now know we can safely eat one of these!  I am really looking forward to it!  


regina United States
4/5/2012 3:20:13 AM #

Hi Nina,

Of course!! I have to thank you for pointing out my grave error. Very happy to hear you have your order in already. Hope you like the desserts and Chag Sameach!


bakeries Knoxville TN
bakeries Knoxville TN United States
4/18/2012 3:50:59 PM #

Deciding to make a cake for the Passover or  Easter is a great idea so that your family and guests could enjoy their desert. You must decorate them properly to make it more appealing.

regina United States
4/20/2012 3:32:02 AM #

Hi Dee,

Thanks for your comment. If you have any suggestions on decorations, we're all ears!


torani syrups
torani syrups United States
5/24/2012 7:30:30 PM #

Has anyone ever considered making some icing with unique flavors? Mix a bit of Torani syrup with the icing before spreading on the cake and you can make it taste almost any way - french vanilla, cinnamon vanilla, raspberry, banana, etc.

regina United States
5/28/2012 6:07:21 AM #

That's a great idea. Do Torani syrups have artificial colors or artificial flavors though? If so, we won't be able to use them. We only use "clean", high-quality ingredients!

kelly United Kingdom
11/6/2012 5:17:51 AM #

These look simply mouth watering Regina! Do these have any glucose syrup in them?

    Cheryle Farrish
Cheryle Farrish United States
11/28/2012 11:50:14 PM #

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