How to get free cake at Fremont

by Regina 22. February 2012 10:08

[EDIT on 06/06/12: This promo has ended. To stay up-to-date with all our promotions, follow us on Twitter!]

[EDIT: Our menus have been changed! Please see our website for the most up-to-date menus]

Join us for a meal after 3pm at our Fremont store and you'll receive a free slice of cake! Much in the same way that our Palo Alto store offers free cake with your sandwich or salad for lunch, our Fremont store is giving away the same sweet deal to any sandwich, salad, pasta or specials entree for dinner. I would hurry though, this offer won't last forever and quantity is limited every night. 

Speaking of Fremont specials, we'll be changing them again very soon. Before they go away, make sure to try our current ones: Grilled Shrimp Pasta, Mango Chutney Tilapia and Chicken Carbonara.

The Mango Chutney Tilapia is one of my favorite specials. It's served with soft white rice and homemade mango chutney that's not too sweet and not too tart (from the real mango chunks). I'll be sad to see this special go.

We'll also be changing our regular lunch/dinner menu in the next few weeks, and I'm very happy to announce that our Chicken Carbonara will now be a permanent item on the menu! As one of our most popular dishes ever, we think it deserves some space on the menu board.

But with the addition of some new items comes the removal of others. Although it is one of my favorite dishes of all time, unfortunately we'll be removing our Salmon Beurre Blanc from the menu. Since we refuse to use frozen Salmon filets, it's just been too hard to keep fresh fish on hand with such low demand of this entree. But if you haven't tried it yet I strongly urge you to stop by for it. It's a dish you would expect to find at a fine-dining restaurant but we serve it for only a fraction of the price!

These changes will be made pretty soon so stop by this week if you can. And remember, come in after 3pm and you'll receive a free slice of cake with your entree! Limited quantities and limited time only (restrictions may apply).

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Stay tuned for an update on our new specials next week!

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Rib-Eye?! And More!

by Regina 6. October 2011 06:42

[EDIT on 11/7/2011: These specials have expired. Please check follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with our specials!]

In keeping with our promise to change the Fremont specials more often, we launched three new dishes today. 

Last month, we took off our Tilapia and Fish N Chip specials and I'll be honest and admit some of you were less than thrilled with us. But we wanted to challenge your taste buds, have you try new things and be able to prove that we are capable of a whole lot more than just those two fish entrees - even though they were good. We want to expand horizons - yours and ours alike - and get a little creative.

I'd say we did just that with our new red-meat special. We took a slab of Rib-Eye steak, rolled it while stuffing it with pepper jack cheese and fresh spinach and wrapped it in bacon. Now, in my opinon, bacon-wrapped anything is great. Bacon-wrapped STEAK? Phenomenal. And bacon-wrapped STUFFED steak? Well, I can barely wrap my head around how delicious that has to be.

And it is as good as it looks and sounds. Obviously bursting with flavor, our Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Steak is served with roasted pearl onions in a red-wine reduction, alongside Chipotle mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. The mashed potatoes have great flavor and is pretty mild for those of you who don't like spice. This special is better than any other steak special we've had and a must-try! 

Because we had so many requests for the Tilapia special, we did bring the fish back but as a different entree. Our Almond-Crusted Tilapia can be served both with or without almonds (but definitely try it with if you aren't allergic!). Instead of serving it with rice pilaf, our chefs wanted to use something a little bit more elegant and tasty: Israeli couscous. Larger and slightly more pasta-like, our Israeli couscous is prepared with chopped onions, celery, carrots and lemon juice. It's light, crunchy and very refreshing. The dish is topped with lemon cream sauce, an excellent complement to both the fish and the couscous.

Lastly, we replaced our old house-favorite Chicken Carbonara with Chicken Marsala, another new dish. We know the Chicken Carbonara is very popular but it has been on the menu since the beginning. Give this one a shot! It is cooked in a similar manner but with Marsala wine, slightly healthier since it is sans-heavy cream. The chicken breast is smothered in the wine sauce with sauteed mushrooms and fresh spinach, and served with butter fettuccine and sauteed vegetables. Let us know what you think!

Expect these specials to stay through October. As always, leave any comments or suggestions for future specials. Hope you can make it into our Fremont store to try these!

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