Fremont Specials v8.0

by Regina 30. April 2011 08:53

A quick post on our new food specials we just launched at our Fremont store last night! This makes our eighth round of specials at the store, and we hope you're enjoying them.

We've added three brand-new dishes this time around:


TRI-TIP STEAK: tri-tip steak served in a red wine reduction with mushrooms, country potatoes and grilled vegetables

This new special has quickly become my personal favorite. There's not much else food I like better than steak, and this one is paired perfectly with its sides. The mashed potatoes (though always good) were getting a little overdone so we subbed in country potatoes. Now just hold on a second before you dismiss them so quickly! True, you usually see them served with your scrambled eggs, but they've never been this good before. It's a perfect concoction of soft potatoes, onions, bell peppers and spices. Finally, even though we love meat, we always need a little bit of greens too.


SEAFOOD STUFFED SOLE: FRESH sole stuffed with seafood, served with a bed of sauteed spinach, corn & asparagus risotto and lemon buerre blanc sauce

If you love seafood - fish in particular - this dish is definitely for you. We took FRESH, wild Sole and stuffed it with Mahi Mahi, fresh Salmon and even more Sole. There's a bit of Shiitake mushrooms, cilantro and other spices thrown in there. It's plated with a bed of sauteed spinach, topped with a corn & asparagus risotto, finished with some veggies and a lemon buerre blanc sauce.


SPANISH STUFFED CHICKEN: stuffed with feta cheese and green chiles, served on a bed of grilled baguette, roasted pepper coulis, spanish rice and vegetables

A lot of colors going on on this plate! We took an airline cut of chicken (also known as the Hotel Cut or the French Cut - basically the first joint of the wing is left on the breast) and stuffed in with a generous amount of Feta Cheese and green chiles. If you like Feta Cheese, you will definitely enjoy this stuffing. We then rolled the chicken in fried, Chipotle tortilla crumbs. It's served on a bed of grilled baguette, topped with roasted pepper coulis (typically a puree of vegetables) and garnished with Spanish rice and vegetables.

We also kept a few specials from the last round as they were in high demand: Chicken Carbonara, Tilapia Buerre Blanc and Fish N Chips.

As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions for our next round of specials. Until then, Bon Appetit!

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