Novelty Graduation Cakes without compromising quality

by Regina 16. May 2012 08:12

Truth be told, it's very hard for us to make any "novelty" cakes for special occasions because we refuse to compromise the quality of our cakes. This includes adding artificial food coloring (or artificial flavoring) and the use of fondant, which may look nice but doesn't quite meet our standards.

Thankfully we can offer a Graduation Cake that is still fun, unique and elegant without having to compromise our recipes or traditions. We were able to design a cake that mimics that of a graduation cap and place that on top of a sheet cake for optimal servings - perfect for graduation parties! Our graduation caps are made out of the same quality cakes we always bake, with a little added help of a decorated board and a real tassel.

Now of course the board and the tassel aren't edible, but the rest of the cap is!

We bake a whole range of sizes for graduation, from 20 servings to over 100. Please see our website for pricing and serving information, or call our stores to place an order.

Because we are stacking cakes, we are only able to make our Cap N Tassel graduation cakes in our American Style flavors only. This includes: Chocolate on Chocolate, Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Rum, Chocolate Orange Almond, Orange Almond, Carrot, Zucchini, Poppyseed, Lady Regina and Lady Baltimore.

Pre-orders are required so please call us! Congratulations to all 2012 graduates!

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