Holiday Catering: Tri-Tip Steak

by Regina 3. December 2012 02:24

Since our Thanksgiving Catering was such a hit this year - we sold out of them, thank you to all who purchased in advance! - we decided to offer a special for your Holiday Parties this month too!

We are getting a lot of calls about turkeys for this month actually and although we theortically could prepare it, we unfortunately wouldn't be able to honor the pricing we had for Thanksgiving. We were able to keep costs low due to turkeys being in season and our vendors having special pricing. But now with the main turkey holiday over, prices for whole turkeys have at least doubled.

Instead we are offering steak for catering, which in my opinion is a bit fancier and, plus, people might be tired of turkey already. The Tri-Tip Steak Catering is a spin-off of one of Fremont's specials that they are correctly offering. Here's a look at our Fremont special going on this month:

The Catering version is the same with just one exception: instead of the country potatoes you see pictured above, the Tri-Tip catering will include mashed potatoes. The Tri-Tip is pre-carved for your convenience and the sauce, a red wine reduction with fresh sauteed mushrooms, will be be delivered on the side. Once we arrive at your office (or home!), we will pour the sauce onto the steak to keep it warm. Also included in the catering package is a side of sauteed vegetables and hand-mashed potatoes.

We did sell out of turkeys for Thanksgiving so please make sure you place orders in advance! We, of course, will also have available our regular Catering menu, found here

To place an order, please call the store nearest you and press 2 to speak to our Catering Manager. Also don't forget about dessert! Our Buche de Noels are perfect to impress your co-workers at holiday parties:

Stay tuned for more holiday posts!

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