Holiday Gift Ideas

by Regina 4. December 2011 07:38

Holiday shopping can be a pain sometimes. The crowds, the lines and not to mention the headache over finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whoever that may be - maybe a parent or a sibling, a friend or a co-worker - skip the mall and head to one of our four convenient locations.

Let's start with co-workers or managers first. Our Holiday Cookie Tins or Cookie Baskets are perfect for the office. The best part is they're customizable to your needs. Choose to do a tin of six cookies, a basket of 100 (the perfect gift from one company to another) or any number of cookies in-between. Mini assorted, regular-size assorted, Gingerbread, our special Holiday-only cookies - the choice is all yours. You can give (and therefore spend!) as little or as much as you'd like. Any way you go, the cookies are baked freshly every day and packed with care.

A great gift for family members or neighbors alike - which many of our customers are already taking advantage of - is our Naturally Aged Fruitcakes. Our fruitcakes are made with raisins, currants, almonds, walnuts, figs, dates, prunes and a bit of fresh orange peel. They were baked in October so they could be naturally aged with brandy, which means we don't add any preservatives unlike other places. Even without additives these fruitcakes, because of the real alcohol, will last you throughout the year and into January. Because they were baked to be aged, we only have a limited supply left. Pick up a pre-wrapped box today at the stores or call ahead to place a hold.

And there's always our Gift Cards. Available at Palo Alto, Santa Clara and Fremont locations, purchase as many cards as you need for any amount (over $10, increments of $5) that is available to redeem at any of those three locations with no expiry dates. This gift is perfect for those who frequent our locations for breakfast or lunch, or maybe you know they love our cakes but you don't know which one. The Gift Card is fast, easy and yet still thoughtful.

Stay tuned for our next post... maybe you don't need gift ideas but you've been asked to bring dessert to dinner. I'll be making some recommendations and giving details about the cakes we exclusively make during this holiday season. Until then, keep warm!

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