Introducing CAKE BITES!

by Regina 2. August 2011 04:00

In a previous blog post we mentioned a growing trend towards individually sized desserts. We sort of took that to the extreme with our brand new Cake Bites. There were two different sweets running through my mind when I came up with this idea of Cake Bites. First, chocolate. Just plain ol' chocolate. Minute amounts of chocolate can make your day so much brighter, don't you think? I also love working with chocolate: making chocolate decor pieces, chocolate candies, chocolate bars and don't forget chocolate truffles.

Second, donut holes. Why is it that donut holes are so much better than regular-sized donuts? Well, for a couple reasons, I think. Firstly, because they are bite-size, they are easy to eat. You don't have to commit to a whole donut if you don't want to. Secondly, and probably more importantly, there's a better glaze to dough ratio. A much, much better ratio. Even though the donut hole is smaller, the entire hole is covered, AND it's more glaze than what you would get out of a bite of a regular donut.

I have the same problems with cake slices as I do with regular-sized donuts. Sometimes I really want cake but can't finish a whole slice (or rather, won't let myself... but the topic of weight-watching while working at a bakery is neither here nor there). And like the glaze on a donut, sometimes I wish there was a higher icing to cake ratio. Thus, the cake bites were born.

They're really perfect because you can have as many or as little as you want without compromising the quality of our cakes. We used the same exact batters, icings and ingredients as we do with our whole cakes but, obviously, scaled down. And then, mostly because I love playing with chocolate, I tossed the bites into chocolate shavings to give it the truffle look, inspired by dessert idea #1.

We're going to start off with chocolate cake. The chocolate Cake Bites are Chocolate on Chocolate, the white Cake Bites are Chocolate Rum and the mixed Cake Bites are Chocolate Mocha. If they really take off we'll start adding some other cakes and flavors.

They launched today at our Fremont store so stop by for a sample, and let us know what you think. They will hit Palo Alto and Santa Clara stores later this week/beginning of next week.

Hope you like them!

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