Thanksgiving Meal Made Easy For You - One Stop for Meal and Dessert

by Regina 1. November 2011 03:24

Happy November! Can you believe that it's November already? We are only weeks away from Thanksgiving and before we know it, it'll be the new year. I blame the crazy weather we are having in the Bay Area. Don't get me wrong, I love blue skies and warm temperatures, but I feel a little cheated by the return of fall. It has creeped up on us.

So while the temperatures might suggest otherwise, don't forget that arguably one of the biggest dinners of the year is almost here. Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. Each year my family hosts, and it's always so heart-warming to see my extended family crowded around our much-to-small dinner table. It's always overflowing with food, sometimes so that we have to hold our plates while we eat. But for some, Thanksgiving brings headaches, hassles and anxieties over serving something delicious and large enough for the party (those of us who cook know that sometimes these two ideas don't go hand-in-hand). Thankfully, this is something I don't have to worry about, and neither should you.

Perfect for both a corporate event or for your family meal at home, our Thanksgiving Catering package covers all the bases for your lunch or dinner, plus we offer anything else you may need: dinner rolls, bread loaves, PIES, cakes and more.

Let's start with the main meal first. Each Turkey Dinner includes a turkey that is at the very least 16 pounds,  homemade cornbread stuffing, hand-mashed potatoes and gravy made from scratch. Serving about 15-18 people, this complete meal is less than $7 per person.

-- Homemade cornbread stuffing for a large corporate catering order last year --

Popular add-ons we also offer include:
Honey-Cured Ham (natural juice, pure muscle) with homemade honey pineapple sauce
Dinner Rolls by the dozen, available in white and wheat
Sauteed Vegetables
All other items on our regular Cafe menu, including pastas, salads and our Vegetable Tofu Plate

And of course we offer a whole variety of dessert for Thanksgiving, the most popular being our homemade, made-from-scratch pies. If you order the Thanksgiving Catering package, we offer our phenomenal Pumpkin Pies at a discounted price of $19.95 for two. Unlike other bakeries, supermarkets and alike, our pies are all-natural and pure, with no preservatives, no additives and no artificial flavors. We also bake Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Chocolate Cream and Banana Cream pies in the same manner.

-- Rack of Pumpkin and Pecan (in the back) Pies on the morning of Thanksgiving last year (11/25/10) --

So as you can see, Thanksgiving Dinner can really be quite easy. The dinner comes hot and ready to serve, and you only need to make one stop for both meal and dessert. The only thing we do ask is that you call to place your order in advance - we won't have any extras on the day of (Yes! We ARE open on Thanksgiving Day). Actually, quantities are limited so if you're interested, make sure to speak to a Catering Manager ASAP. 

-- We can pre-carve the whole turkey for only $10 extra --

Considering Turkey Catering for a corporate event? Not a problem. We've catered our Turkey Dinner for 15 to 200 people in the past. Packages are available for pick-up or delivery the week before Thanksgiving too, in case your office won't be open the week of. Call our Santa Clara (408-986-8388) or Fremont (510-252-1098) stores and speak to a Catering Manager.

Stay turned for more Thanksgiving posts!

Fresh Salmon Burgers and a Stuffed Chicken Puttanesca

by Regina 12. September 2011 03:40

[EDIT on 10/6/2011: These specials have expired. Please check the more recent blog posts for current specials!]

It's that time again! Our Fremont location just updated their Specials menu again, and we did something a little different this time. Instead of the 5-6 items we usually carry for a few months at a time, we've decided to trim the Specials menu to about 3-4 items only with a goal of changing them up more often. This way we'll ultimately have more specials and a larger variety.

For now we'll be serving two new items: Fresh Salmon Burger and a Stuffed Chicken Puttanesca.

Our Fresh Salmon Burger uses Salmon meat from FRESH, WHOLE Salmon. Mixed in a few spices, some dill and some egg to keep it all together. It's served on a kaiser roll with some of our homemade dill spread (made with mayo, cream cheese and fresh dill), lettuce, tomato and onions. The burger comes with a side of crispy onion strings, the perfect compliment - or additional ingredient - to your burger. 

Our Stuffed Chicken Puttanesca ranks my favorite from this round. We took a skin-on, airline cut of white meat chicken and stuffed it with Ricotta cheese, fresh spinach and mushrooms. Like our last airline chicken special, it's pan-roasted in the oven for extra tenderness. The stuffed chicken is then sliced and served on a generous portion of puttanesca, an Italian pasta dish. Our rendition of puttanesca has chopped vegetables, capers, olives and pepperoncinis, cooked in a tomato sauce with just a tad of Marsala wine. It's really good - a lot of great flavors going on in this dish.

And, of course, our Chicken Carbonara is back again. We seriously considered taking this one off the menu for a bit since it's been on every Specials menu since the beginning but our customers love it so much! What do you think? Should we take it off the next round or leave it?

As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions for any future Specials. Until then, hope you can stop by to try these new dishes! They'll probably be around for 3-4 weeks until the next round.

Bon Appetit!

New Fremont Specials

by Regina 16. April 2010 09:25

It’s that time again! Every couple of weeks our Fremont location likes to change their specials, spice things up a bit (pun intended!). We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on our Tilapia Buerre Blanc, so that one is staying for the time being. Our Chicken Carbonara has become a house favorite over the last few months, so it, too, is back by popular demand.

Let me introduce the new specials that will be launching tonight!

Firstly, we have our Prawn Frites:

5 tiger prawns served with creamy polenta and sauteed vegetables

If I can be honest, I’m usually not a big fan of shrimp – so it surprised me that I really liked this dish. There’s an unique blend of flavors going on in your mouth when you bite that tiger-shrimp because it was first battered, fried, then dipped in a house honey-mayo sauce, and finally tossed in fried potato strings. It definitely left me craving for more

linguini tossed in a homemade thai peanut sauce, diced white meat chicken, red onions and ground peanuts. served with garlic bread

The two other specials now being offered are Thai Chicken Linguini and Fish ‘N’ Chips. If you like Pad Thai, or even simply like peanuts and peanutbutter, the Thai Chicken Linguini is a good pasta dish that is tasty and yet not overwelming in peanut flavor.

beer-battered Pollock filets fried to perfection and served with garlic fries

And Fish ‘N” Chips? The yuzu citrus glaze and homemade tartar sauce that accompanies this classic dish makes it unique to TPO.

Remember, these specials are only available at our Fremont location, but they are available all day after 11am (after 3pm on weekends while we’re serving brunch). Let us know what you think! Bon Appetit!

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