Dinner for 2 at Fremont for only $25 starting Friday, July 18

by Regina 14. July 2014 04:45

[EDIT 10/1/14: This promotion has now expired but follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be up-to-date on future promotions!]

By now you are probably already familiar with the "Dinner for 2" concept that some other restaurants are running. We admit we definitely aren't the first ones who came up with the idea, but we have tweaked our menu to make it the most incredible value and deal saver! While our neighbor at Applebee's only offers a shared appetizer and two entrees (only 2-courses!), we definitely didn't want you leaving hungry. That's why we have decided to make our Dinner for 2 promo a 4-course meal. That's right, four! And that's not $25 per person, that's a 4-course meal for 2 people for $25 total!

To start, a choice of appetizers to share. The options include three of our popular menu items: Bruschetta, Fried Zuchini and wings, but also a brand new starter, Mozzarellea Sticks, that are only available in this promo. Then, a choice of our fresh soups of the day or a garden salad. Did you know that all our soups and made from scratch, in house? No pre-made soups, no soup starters, no artificial flavors or any preservatives. 

Next comes the main course, the entree. We just updated our lunch specials at Fremont last week to include the Berry Summer Salad (VERY popular - a must try if you haven't!), Steak Caprese Salad (back by popular demand as well) and Summer Linguine. These three items are available on the Dinner for 2 menu. In addition, we are including three more dishes that will only be available during this promotion (not offered during lunch hours): Tri-Tip Steak, Almond-Crusted Tilapia and a brand new Parmesan-Chicken Penne.

By the fourth course we hope you are stuffed as can be, but since we are a bakery, we have to include dessert (plus, there's a separate stomach for sweets, so they say!). Your set meal will include a slice of the Cake of the Day. Each day will be different depending on the day's inventory so please ask the cashier what you can expect.

There it is, four-courses for two people for only $25. It's a crazy good deal so it won't be around for long! Starts this Friday so come join us for dinner (after 5pm, in-store only) before the promotion runs out! Other restrictions might apply, see our cashiers for more information.

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