Holiday Cookie Gifts with Exclusive Cookies, including Hanukkah

by Regina 28. November 2012 03:34

Theoretically you can gift cookies any time of the year, but why is it so much better to do so during the holidays? Maybe it's the spirit of giving, or maybe it's the festive packaging - either way it's the perfect gift to give and the perfect gift to receive... Especially when the cookies are made from scratch and baked fresh every morning (sometimes multiple times a day!), like ours.

You have a couple different options with us, depending on how many cookies you'd like. If you just want to surprise your co-worker with a little bag of goodies on your way back from lunch, we can pack a couple cookies into a little baggie for you, tie a ribbon around it and call it in a day. Each store has several festive designs for the bags so make sure you ask to see them all!

If you're looking for more than just a couple of cookies, our red cookie boxes can fit about a dozen (depending on the cookies). With this option, you are completely free to choose what assortment and how many cookies you'd like -- there is just a small fee for the box and accompanying bow. This is a great gift for friends!

But maybe you're looking for something a little nicer. Something for your boss or supervisor? We have a large variety of cookie tins to choose from. Small or large, choose the size you think is right for you. We can fill them up with mini cookies, regular size cookies or decorated Gingerbread cookies. We have presets to make choosing easy, or make your own assortment if you'd like.

Any option you choose, the recepient will be receiving freshly baked cookies made with only natural ingredients - no artificial flavors or colors or preservatives. For a gift that is relatively easy for you (all you need to do is walk into our store!), your thoughtfulness and generosity will not go unnoticed.

We also bake a few cookies exclusively this time of year: Gingerbread, Mexican Wedding Cookies (also known as Russian Tea Cakes or Italian Butter Nuts) and Spritz Cookies (also known as Swedish Butter Cookies). Our Gingerbread are available in various shapes and sizes, from small boys and girls to Hanukkah shapes of dreidels and menorahs, to large gingerbread men. Because we use high-quality butter that is essential to the recipe, both our Mexican Wedding Cookies and Spritz Cookies have really great depth in their flavors. Personally they are my favorite cookies that we make and only available this time of year!

Like with all our products, I encourage you to call in to place an order in advance. We'll have cookies and supplies on hand but can't guarantee that we won't run out! And if you need multiple boxes or tins, please do call us so we can bake to order for you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Until my next post, stay warm!

S’more and PB&J Macarons?! And more!

by Regina 24. February 2011 09:56

After a little bit of a hiatus from macarons, we decided to come back with three flavors that were too good to not share with the world. Last week we began making S’more macarons (that’s right!) and this week we added PB&J and Chocolate. The S’more macarons are really fun – to eat and to and to make. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to set up a little campfire to make S’mores with my closest friends. Ya’know, roast the marshmallow on a stick and right before it gets too gooey, stick it between two pieces of graham crackers with a small piece of chocolate. Somehow the S’more makes the cold winter nights more bearable. And hopefully you’ll feel the same about our S’more macarons.

In between the two graham-cracker-flavored macarons shells lies homemade, all natural marshmallows (none of that jet-puffed stuff!) and two thin layers of our famous chocolate frosting. The combination brings back great campfire memories.

Speaking of memories, somewhere down this road called life, I stopped eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I don’t know when, and I don’t know why. The only thing I know is that I miss it. Is it silly for an adult to crave such a thing? This is where my inspiration came from for our PB&J macarons.

The shells are made from a mixture of freshly ground peanuts and almonds, and then they’re filled with our very own peanut butter buttercream, infused with raspberry jam.

And who can get enough chocolate? We couldn’t make macarons and not have a chocolate one, but don’t say we didn’t warn you: this is VERY chocolatey! Chocolate shells filled with our incredibly rich mocha ganache.

Any other flavors you’d like to see?

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