New Products: A Cup of…

by Regina 5. March 2011 07:02

Tea? A cup of Joe? Try dessert. It has been so interesting to watch our customers’ wants and needs change over time. We have shifted from large cakes to smaller cakes and now, to individually sized desserts. So we started making more tarts: fruit tarts, lemon tarts, banana cream tarts. We started making both regular nd mini sizes of our eclairs, cream puffs and more. We added individually sized cakes: mousse cakes, cheesecakes, anything we could make in a smaller size. And now, dessert cups.

Orange Almond & Peach Trifle Cup

We wanted to start simple. Inspired by the English Trifle, we made small trifle cups with cake, fruit, custard and whipped cream. Today, we have two kinds: one for chocolate fans and one for Orange Almond fans. (Btw, if you haven’t tried our Orange Almond, it really is one-of-a-kind! The torte is mostly made from freshly ground almonds instead of flour to give it a real great almond flavor, perfectly paired with orange zest and orange icing.)

But that was maybe too simple. We threw together ingredients that we already had ready for other products. We needed a challenge and a spark of creativity.

Enter VERRINES. Verrines, just a fancy word for a multi-layer dessert served in a glass or cup, opened a door of endless possibilities! So don’t be surprised if you see multiple blog posts on verrine updates. Here are the combinations we have so far:

Chocolate and Espresso Mousse Verrines: a layer of espresso mousse, chocolate cake and Mascarpone cheese; topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Chestnut and Chocolate Mousse Verrines: a layer of chocolate mousse, mocha ganache and chestnut mousse

And finally, I have saved the best for last. We had to get real creative with this one but we’re quite happy with the end result. This is the first dessert we’ve created using champagne, and I have a feeling that it won’t be the last.

We’ve always concentrated much more heavily on taste rather than appearance. That’s not to say that presentation isn’t important (because it certainly is!), but despite the presentation, the quality of a product will stand for itself (side note: our mousse are always made from scratch, with no preservatives, additives, powders, etc). We’re not going to ever strive for anything less than great in taste – it is still and will always be our main priority. But I think we’re taking a step in the right direction in terms of presentation now too. Hope you agree!

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