by Regina 4. May 2010 10:51

Graduation is just around the corner. Whether your loved one is graduating from college, high school or middle school, it’s definitely an occasion to remember. Speaking from experience, I remember the best parts about graduating wasn’t only never having to take another final exam again, but also celebrating this momentous occasions with friends and family. And any momentous occasion is an occasion to have cake. But for this occasion, not just any cake – but a Cap ‘N’ Tassel Cake.

What makes our graduation cakes unique is that the graduation cap that rests on the top of the cake is actually also made from cake, 100% edible. Put that together with a board and a tassel (note: this part’s NOT edible!), and viola! We have a graduation cap.

Although we do make them in a 1/4 Sheet size, we recommend the 1/2 Sheet since it’s a better cap-to-cake ratio. For both of these sizes, the cap will be made out of a 6″ cake. For the Full Sheet size, we’ll use a 8″ cake. Because we’ll be stacking the cakes, we can only make the Graduation Cakes in our American Style flavors. That is, our Chocolate on Chocolate (our most popular cake!), Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Rum, Orange Almond, Chocolate Orange Almond, Carrot (a close second!), Lady Baltimore, Lady Regina, Lemon Poppyseed and finally our Zucchini cake.

Feel free to place your orders now, and Congratulations Class of 2010!

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