Valentine's Day is next Sunday!

by Regina 6. February 2016 06:14

It's fun (and sort of crazy!) that Superbowl 50 is in our backyard, but don't forget that Valentine's Day next weekend! What are your plans? 

Our Chocolate Hearts is the perfect dessert to split after your Valentine's Day meal. Inspired by our most popular cake, our Chocolate on Chocolate, we dressed it up with a drizzle of raspberry icing.

Another Valentine's Day exclusive is our mini heart-shaped cream puffs. Cute for an office party or just you favorite co-workers!

If you're in a sharing mood, we'll also be baking our Raspberry Sandwiches, Half Dips and Gingerbread cookies in heart shapes as well. Please pre-order, especially if you are thinking about large quantities!

Other great options include our Strawberry Mousse (available in indiivdual and 6" heart sizes) and Tiramisu Cheesecake.

Finally, if you have yet to try our Sweetheart Cake, you must try it sometime this month as it is a February exclusive. We take our famous Chocolate on Chocolate recipe and add raspbery jam in the middle, and decorate it with a Kirsch Cream Cheese frosting instead. Available in all sizes, including cupcakes!

Please place your orders no later than Thursday. Feel free to call our stores or check out our website if you have any questions.

Order Valentine's Day treats by Friday, and try the Sweetheart Cake before it's gone!

by Regina 11. February 2015 03:19

Valentine's Day is only THREE days away! Make sure your pre-order your sweetheart's favorite chocolate goodies before Friday to have them guaranteed on Saturday!

Our Valentine's Day exclusive Chocolate Hearts are the most popular and will be the first to go on Saturday. It's basically your (and ours!) favorite chocolate cake, covered in chocolate icing, in the shape of the heart. Traditional, and elegant in it's simplicity.

If you're looking for something more special, try our Sweetheart Cakes. They are a February-exclusive and it's so good we get requests to do this cake year-round. Our famous chocolate cake with raspberry filling, decorated with our special Kirsch cream cheese frosting. Have you ever had Kirsch flavored cake icing? It might be our very best icing! See for yourself, but make sure it's before the end of February!

We're also making mini Cream Puff Hearts! Buy one, buy a dozen - hand them out to your co-workers and they will love you.


If your loved one isn't necessarily a chocolate fan, we will also be making Strawberry Mousse in individual and 6" heart sizes. Our Tiramisu Cheesecake is also available in a 6" heart shape. Both the Strawberry Mouse and Tiramisu Cheesecake are extremely limited in quantity, so don't wait to place your order if these are the items you're interested in.

And who needs chocolate candies when we have fresh baked cookies? We're making chocolate chip cookies in heart shapes, about 5" large, and can inscribe whatever you like. Kiss Me, I'm yours?

Lastly, we are making our Raspberry Sandwich and Half Dip cookies in heart shapes in two sizes: mini and regular. We'll also have Gingerbread available all week long!

Remember, to guarantee your items on Saturday, please place your order no later than Friday, before 2pm is preferred. Don't wait until the last minute because trust us, everyone else will and you might not get what your Valentine wants. Call us to preorder, it's easy!

Skip the Chocolates, Go for Chocolate CAKE!

by Regina 30. January 2014 01:58

Unless you celebrated Valentine's Day with us in previous years, chances are you haven't tried our Sweetheart Cake. The reason? It is exclusively available for Valentine's Day only. We get tons of requests throughout the year to make the cake (it's that good) but to make V-Day a little more special, we bake it only in the month of February.

We take our famously decadent chocolate cake, put raspberry jam in between the layers and cover the cake with kirsch cream cheese frosting (made by scratch, of course!). Not only is the icing slightly pink, it has the same loved consistency of our mocha or rum icing but with wonderful fruity flavor!

But if you're looking for something that's all chocolate, we have something for you too. Our Chocolate Hearts are baked from the same chocolate cake and dunked in our chocolate icing (so think our Chocolate on Chocolate). Decorated with some festive pieces and a drizzle of pink (naturally colored!) icing, and you got yourself a Valentine's Day present AND dessert.

We have other options too: chocolate chip cookie hearts, Strawberry Mousse, Raspberry Sandwich hearts, Gingerbread cookies and more. Check out more pictures and info here. Regardless of what you're interested in, please order in advance! We would love to have all orders (not just V-Day ones) at least two days in advance, so that means call us by February 12 at the latest! 

Valentine's Day 2013 just around the corner

by Regina 4. February 2013 04:08

This particular Monday morning is a little bit rougher than usual, isn't it - with the 49ers being so close to winning the Superbowl yesterday. But they played one helluva game. We want to congratulate them on a great season and a great game yesterday. We're proud of you, San Francisco 49ers!

For those still mourning over the loss, we have some sweets to distract you. Plus, Valentine's Day is only 10 short days away so you'll want to read on if you haven't planned anything yet.

What I'm really excited about this year is our Chocolate Chip Cookie Hearts. We made a couple last year to test the waters but didn't really advertise it. We were so happy to learn how well received they were! And at only $6.95 each, they are easy on the wallets. We can decorate them or leave them undecorated - and we can put a custom message too. Just let us know when you place your order over the phone or in-stores.

Last year we also received a record-breaking number of orders for our Chocolate Hearts. It's our award-winning chocolate cake in a shape of a heart and drizzled with some raspberry icing. Please be sure to place an order for any of these items! We do make a handful of extras for last minute walks-in, but the only way to guarantee any of these products is to place an order at least two days in advance. And we did run out last year!

And we of course will be having our Sweetheart Cake available through out the month of February. We receive numerous requests to have this cake year-round but it's a Valentine's Day exclusive. Our chocolate cake is filled with raspberry jam in the middle, then frosted and decorated with Kirsch-Raspberry cream cheese. It's available in all sizes; more information can be found here. (Note: the cake pictured above has been pre-marked for slicing).

Looking for something even easier? Get a red box of our assorted heart-shaped cookies. These boxes are perfect for the office or your group of friends. Choose your own assortment, or we'll be sure to pre-pack some of them next Thursday so you can pop in and pop out without delay. Cookies that are available in heart-shape are: Raspberry Sandwiches, Half Dips and Gingerbread.

We have a few other heart-shaped options including our Strawberry Mousse, Tiramisu Cheesecake and Cream Puffs. There will be limited quantity on each item, especially the Mousse and the Cheesecake so be sure to place an order as soon as you can. 

Call the store nearest you today! Don't wait because Thursday, February 14th will be here before you know it. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sweets for your Sweetie!

by Regina 25. January 2011 04:20

I can’t believe the holiday season is behind us. 2010 definitely seemed to have flown by, and now we’re almost done with January too! I suppose that’s how Valentine’s Day creeps up on us. I don’t know about you but more than once have I found myself scrambling for a present at last minute. Something more creative than some flowers or a box of chocolates, yet still meaningful and perhaps even delicious.

This is where we step in!

Last year we began making our famous Chocolate on Chocolate cake in the shape of a heart. We drizzled some raspberry icing on the top, decorated with a few chocolate pieces and a couple raspberries. It turned out beautifully, so we’re happy to offer it again.

In addition, for Mother’s Day last year we stumbled across a sweet creation in our kitchen. We married two of my favorite desserts to create a tasty Tiramisu Cheesecake, unique to our bakery. This is available in 8″, 10″ and a 6″ heart.

And for years now we’ve been making our Sweetheart Cake specially for this occasion. Taking the same chocolate cake that put us on the map (so to speak!), we kicked it up a notch from our Chocolate Rum by frosting it with raspberry cream cheese. It’s so good we often get requests for it throughout the year but it’s only available these couple of weeks – so make sure to place your order!

If you or your loved one aren’t cake people though, we do have several other options: cream puff hearts (filled with fresh whipped cream, covered with dark chocolate and drizzled with raspberry icing), individually-sized heart-shaped Strawberry Mousse, heart-shaped cookies (available in Raspberry Sandwiches, Half-Dippeds, Gingerbread, and Snickerdoodle).

Critics call this holiday a “Hallmark Holiday”. It may or may not be true, but we hope you enjoy it anyway and let the people you love know you love them! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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