Don't forget about our Passover selection!

by Regina 9. April 2014 07:33

Last year I wrote about my first time trying our Passover Strawberry Banana Cream cake and though it's made with Matzo meal and potato starch instead of traditional wheat flour, in keeping with Passover traditions, the cake was delicious and full of flavor! I can't wait until I can have another slice and thankfully, I don't have to wait much longer.

With the beginning of Passover just around the weekend, don't forget to check out our Passover page on the website to find details on our products. We are offering a Strawberry Banana Cream, a Chocolate Orange Torte (no cream, pictured below), a Chocolate Orange Cream and three macaroon variations: Almond, Chocolate and Coconut!

We'll try to have extras on hand but, as always, it's always best to place an order 2-days in advance if you know you'll be needing something. Remember, Passover starts on Monday, April 14!

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