Passover, Easter and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

by Regina 15. April 2014 02:53

Hello blogosphere! Just wanted to jump on here to make a few annoucements because the 140 character limit on Twitter was, well, limiting!

Firstly, don't forget that Easter Sunday is THIS Sunday! Please be sure to pre-order your Hot Cross Buns because we will run out. There is no minimum for an order so even if you need just six, please call it in by Friday so we can reserve them for you. We never want to turn any customers away, but we really do at least two-days to be able to guanantee your items.

Secondly, we are still accepting Passover orders through April 22. Even if you don't observe the Jewish holiday, I urge everyone to still give them a try. If you are a fan of almonds, marzipan or almond paste, you will love our Almond Macaroons. The main ingredient is - yup, you guessed it - premium almond paste.  If you also love chocolate, you might like our Chocolate Macaroons even better. All of a macaroons (Almond, Chocolate and our daily Coconut) are gluten-free!

Actually the other two cakes we offer for Passover are also made with almonds. The Chocolate Orange Torte and Chocolate Orange Cream is completely flourless so it relies pretty heavily on ground almonds, making this cake a little dry naturally. On the flipside, our Passover Strawberry Banana Cream is quite moist (and my favorite!) from the fresh bananas we use in the batter. Filled with fresh strawberries and fresh bananas, I wish we baked this cake year-round!

Lastly, a huge announcement! This Friday we will be debuting our first gluten-free cake! If you follow this blog or our Twitter, you might have seen a few sneak-peak photos of it but after several weeks of tweaking and perfecting, we think this cake is ready for you! Are you ready for it?

Using a gluten-free all-purpose flour and real blueberries, we were able to make a sponge that was airy and tasty. The best part? We didn't have to break our no artificial colors or artificial flavors rule to make this cake! It's still a beautiful blue sponge but it is 100% naturally colored.

We wanted to keep the cake light and simple. We sprinkled the blueberry sponge with a little bit of real blueberry juice and filled it with fresh whipped cream and chopped up blueberries. Decorated with whipped cream and some fresh fruit, the cake is perfect for the summer! 

We had been very hesitant to experiment with gluten-free products because we felt it was quite difficult to make some gluten-free and natural that tasted delicious - not good, not acceptable but delicious! We're so happy to say we proved ourselves wrong and hope you agree.

This cake will be in our stores starting this Friday, available to purchase by the slice. We'll also be giving away a limited supply of samples right before lunch if you would like to stop by for a taste. Let us know what you think! The cake will be available for ordering starting this Friday too, just in time for Easter. Please note because this is such a special cake, we will ONLY bake-to-order and require a minimum of 2-days notice. Hope you love it as much as we do!

April holidays: Passover and Easter

by Regina 29. March 2012 05:50

Looking for desserts for Passover? Or fresh Hot Cross Buns for Easter Sunday? Look no further!

Each year we exclusively bake Passover cakes without the traditional use of flour; instead, we bake with potato starch and Matzo meal. The two cookie options we have, Almond Macaroons and Coconut Macaroons, are also made sans-flour.

For chocolate lovers we have our Chocolate Orange Passover cake, which can be decorated with or without whipped cream. Without whipped cream, we generously top the cake with fresh strawberries and oranges. With the cream, we cover the torte with whipped cream first then decorate with fruit along the perimeter for some color.

A chocolate alternative to our Passover desserts is our Strawberry Banana Passover cake. This banana sponge is made with fresh bananas and Matzo meal (note: because of the Matzo Meal, this cake is NOT gluten-free). Between the layers of sponge lies fresh strawberries, bananas and whipped cream. It's decorated with whipped cream, sliced almonds on the sides and topped with some fruits around the perimeter. By default this cake is sprinkled with Orange Curacao liqueur for both flavor and to keep the cake moist; but this can be substituted with Orange Juice by request. 

We'll also be making two types of macaroons! Our Almond Macaroons, made specially for this holiday, is made with almond paste. It's available in plain and chocolate flavors. Lastly, the Coconut Macaroons we have in our case everyday also do not contain flour.

Hot Cross Buns (not flourless) are also in season again! Please place your orders in advance if you know you'll be needing them. We'll also be baking our Raspberry Sandwich cookies in the shape of bunnies -- so stop by after your egg hunts!

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