Skip the Chocolates, Go for Chocolate CAKE!

by Regina 30. January 2014 01:58

Unless you celebrated Valentine's Day with us in previous years, chances are you haven't tried our Sweetheart Cake. The reason? It is exclusively available for Valentine's Day only. We get tons of requests throughout the year to make the cake (it's that good) but to make V-Day a little more special, we bake it only in the month of February.

We take our famously decadent chocolate cake, put raspberry jam in between the layers and cover the cake with kirsch cream cheese frosting (made by scratch, of course!). Not only is the icing slightly pink, it has the same loved consistency of our mocha or rum icing but with wonderful fruity flavor!

But if you're looking for something that's all chocolate, we have something for you too. Our Chocolate Hearts are baked from the same chocolate cake and dunked in our chocolate icing (so think our Chocolate on Chocolate). Decorated with some festive pieces and a drizzle of pink (naturally colored!) icing, and you got yourself a Valentine's Day present AND dessert.

We have other options too: chocolate chip cookie hearts, Strawberry Mousse, Raspberry Sandwich hearts, Gingerbread cookies and more. Check out more pictures and info here. Regardless of what you're interested in, please order in advance! We would love to have all orders (not just V-Day ones) at least two days in advance, so that means call us by February 12 at the latest! 

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