Buche de Noel Perfect Holiday Dessert

by Regina 16. December 2014 02:21

Looking for a festive dessert that will impress your guests at your holiday dinner? Look no further.

Our Buche de Noels and Yule Logs are the perfect centerpieces to your dinner table. Edible art, even. And only made this time of year.

Completely hand crafted and made from scratch, these fun desserts are available in two sizes (small serving 6-8, large 14-16) and nine flavors. For those of us who can't get enough chocolate, I recommend ordering the Buche de Noel. Slightly higher in price but definitely more authentic looking if we're going to replicate a log. However, if you're not so big on chocolate or want to go with a cheaper option, the Yule Log is the exact same on the inside and decorated with whipped cream on the outside.

See behind-the-scenes and the step-by-step process we take to create these beauties here.

Like all of our cakes, both of these holiday desserts are made fresh and never frozen. Because their labor-intensive, several others bakeries bake these cakes ahead of time to meet demands. For us, freshness is not something we are willing to compromise even if that means we can't meet our demand and potential orders turned away. This means two things for you. 1) Quantities are limited. We are only able to take a certain amount of orders to keep all of them fresh, so once we hit that number, we are sold out. If you know you need one, place the order ASAP! And 2) Pick-ups on Christmas Eve must be made after 2pm. This is simply because we will still be baking and assembling on the morning of the 24th. 

More information, including what flavors are avaiable, can be found on our website. Feel free to call or walk-in to place your orders. Hope to see you on Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays!

Blog Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Making Buche de Noels!

by Regina 4. December 2013 05:21

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. We all work crazy hours here at the bakery but it's totally worth it to see you guys come all the way down into our stores just to pick up pies, or dinner rolls or 18 croissants (real order!). This year was truly special because we were recognized as one of the best pies in the Bay Area by San Jose Mercury News. Thanks SJ Merc!

While we will still be offering pies for Christmas and throughout December, what I'd like to share with you today is details on our beautiful Buche de Noels and Yule Logs. I definitely didn't know what these desserts were when I first started working here so for those of you who are in the same boat I was, I'm going to give you everything you need to know right here!

I'll be showing you behind-the-scene photos and step-by-step procedures on how we make these FRESH. This is VERY important because you'd be surprised how many bakeries freeze their cakes, especially the Buche de Noels and Yule Logs since they are pretty labor intensive.

But ours, like any of our other cakes, are NEVER frozen. We ask that you pick-up these items after 2pm on Christmas Eve because we will still be baking and assembling them THAT very morning. Unfortunately, freshness has a price: we can only make limited quantities so once we hit out limit, we're sold out! So pre-orders are required and space is limited.

Basically our Buche de Noels and Yule Logs are rolled up sponge cakes, in a shape of a log. The insides of the Buche de Noel and Yule Logs are exactly the same; they are only decorated differently on the outside. Let's go over the process of the Buche de Noel.

How to Make Buche de Noel

Step 1: First we roll out sponge cake with filling (FACT: We have NINE available flavors for our Buche de Noel!) into one long roll. Then, slice about 1/3 off at a slant to make the shorter leg of the "log"

Step 2: Begin covering the log with freshly molded chocolate. One of the hardest parts about making Buche de Noel is optimal temperatures - temperatures of the melted chocolate and of the mable slab we are working on. Too hot or too cold and we'll have major problems!

Step 3: After we cover the entire log in chocolate, we need to cover up the rest of the cake so it is fully disguised. The includes piping chocolate at the ends of the log (pictured above)

Step 4: This is my favorite part -- dressing up the log! We shape marzipan into little mushrooms and fungi to scatter around the board the cake lies on. We also cut out holly leaves and holly berries to put on top of the log to make it a bit more festive. Lastly, we'll cut out a rectangular plaque so we can write "Noel" or any other message you would like to place on top of the log.

Step 5: The final step is to sprinkle powdered sugar and cocoa powder to give the effect of snow. That's it, now it's done!

We hope you enjoyed these behind-the-scene photos! Remember, quantities are limited so do not wait to place your order (pre-orders are required). If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section or call one of our stores. Have a great holiday season!

Holiday Exclusive: Buche de Noels and Yule Logs

by Regina 11. December 2012 04:17

I've mentioned our Buche de Noels and Yule Logs on this blog a couple times in the past but I've never addressed it in depth. Here are all your questions answered about these fun, festive desserts that we only bake this time of year.

The very first thing you need to know is that our Buche de Noel and Yule Logs, like all of our cakes, are made FRESH and never frozen. If you order these for pick-up on Christmas Eve, we ask that you schedule a pick up after 2pm and no earlier because we will still be baking and assembling them that very morning.

Also, because each Buche and log are handcrafted on the very same day (and not pre-frozen like other bakeries!), we can only make a limited quantity. Thus, pre-orders are required, and you want to call as soon as can because we can and will sell out.

And yes, they are available to order for days other than Christmas Eve. We ask that you order at least 2-days in advance for any day that is not December 24th.

Now, on to the dessert itself!

What is a Buche de Noel?

A Buche de Noel is a traditional Christmas dessert made with sponge cake, rolled and decorated into a log, or a tree branch. In addition to the cake, we will also decorate the surroundings on the board with "mushrooms" and "fungi" molded from marzipan. Holly leaves and berries, also made from marzipan, are also placed on the log with a plaque that reads "Noel." We can also inscribe "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" on the log instead of "Noel", upon request.

What's the difference between a Buche de Noel and a Yule Log?

We always like to offer as many options as possible to our customers. That's why we offer both the Buche de Noel and Yule Log. Both desserts are exactly the same on the inside but while our Buche de Noel is covered in chocolate on the outside, the Yule Log is simply decorated with fresh whipped cream. Both are very presentable desserts - just depends if your guests prefer chocolate or not.

What flavors are they available in?

This is my favorite part. Unlike other bakeries that only offer one or two flavors for Buche de Noels, our bakery offers NINE. Nine different flavors to choose from for a dessert that will definitely get your guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing! I've starred the most popular flavors.

Our Buche de Noel and Yule Log flavors:

  • White Raspberry Cream*
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cream*
  • White Amaretto Cream
  • Chocolate Amaretto Cream
  • Kahlua Mocha Cream*
  • Apricot Brandy Cream*
  • Orange Custard Cream
  • Lemon Custard Cream
  • Lemon Rum Cream

The desserts are decorated the same regardless of the flavor with the exception of the Yule Log in Kahlua Mocha. That is decorated with a cocoa whipped cream (below) instead of white.

What's the sizing and pricing?

Buche de Noel, small (serves 8-10): $57.25; Yule Log: $46.95

Buche de Noel, large (serves 16-18): $79.25; Yule Log: $59.50

(Pricing may change without notice. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information.)

Here are some sneak-peak photos on how we assemble these holiday desserts:

Sponge filled, rolled and ready to be decorated!

Completely covering the roll in chocolate

Sprinkling "snow"!

Remember, these Buche de Noels and Yule Logs must be pre-ordered, available at all our locations: Palo Alto, Saratoga, Santa Clara and Fremont. Interested in dessert but not these logs? Please visit our website for other popular items like our Panettone and pies!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Catering: Tri-Tip Steak

by Regina 3. December 2012 02:24

Since our Thanksgiving Catering was such a hit this year - we sold out of them, thank you to all who purchased in advance! - we decided to offer a special for your Holiday Parties this month too!

We are getting a lot of calls about turkeys for this month actually and although we theortically could prepare it, we unfortunately wouldn't be able to honor the pricing we had for Thanksgiving. We were able to keep costs low due to turkeys being in season and our vendors having special pricing. But now with the main turkey holiday over, prices for whole turkeys have at least doubled.

Instead we are offering steak for catering, which in my opinion is a bit fancier and, plus, people might be tired of turkey already. The Tri-Tip Steak Catering is a spin-off of one of Fremont's specials that they are correctly offering. Here's a look at our Fremont special going on this month:

The Catering version is the same with just one exception: instead of the country potatoes you see pictured above, the Tri-Tip catering will include mashed potatoes. The Tri-Tip is pre-carved for your convenience and the sauce, a red wine reduction with fresh sauteed mushrooms, will be be delivered on the side. Once we arrive at your office (or home!), we will pour the sauce onto the steak to keep it warm. Also included in the catering package is a side of sauteed vegetables and hand-mashed potatoes.

We did sell out of turkeys for Thanksgiving so please make sure you place orders in advance! We, of course, will also have available our regular Catering menu, found here

To place an order, please call the store nearest you and press 2 to speak to our Catering Manager. Also don't forget about dessert! Our Buche de Noels are perfect to impress your co-workers at holiday parties:

Stay tuned for more holiday posts!

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