New Products: A Cup of…

by Regina 5. March 2011 07:02

Tea? A cup of Joe? Try dessert. It has been so interesting to watch our customers’ wants and needs change over time. We have shifted from large cakes to smaller cakes and now, to individually sized desserts. So we started making more tarts: fruit tarts, lemon tarts, banana cream tarts. We started making both regular nd mini sizes of our eclairs, cream puffs and more. We added individually sized cakes: mousse cakes, cheesecakes, anything we could make in a smaller size. And now, dessert cups.

Orange Almond & Peach Trifle Cup

We wanted to start simple. Inspired by the English Trifle, we made small trifle cups with cake, fruit, custard and whipped cream. Today, we have two kinds: one for chocolate fans and one for Orange Almond fans. (Btw, if you haven’t tried our Orange Almond, it really is one-of-a-kind! The torte is mostly made from freshly ground almonds instead of flour to give it a real great almond flavor, perfectly paired with orange zest and orange icing.)

But that was maybe too simple. We threw together ingredients that we already had ready for other products. We needed a challenge and a spark of creativity.

Enter VERRINES. Verrines, just a fancy word for a multi-layer dessert served in a glass or cup, opened a door of endless possibilities! So don’t be surprised if you see multiple blog posts on verrine updates. Here are the combinations we have so far:

Chocolate and Espresso Mousse Verrines: a layer of espresso mousse, chocolate cake and Mascarpone cheese; topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Chestnut and Chocolate Mousse Verrines: a layer of chocolate mousse, mocha ganache and chestnut mousse

And finally, I have saved the best for last. We had to get real creative with this one but we’re quite happy with the end result. This is the first dessert we’ve created using champagne, and I have a feeling that it won’t be the last.

We’ve always concentrated much more heavily on taste rather than appearance. That’s not to say that presentation isn’t important (because it certainly is!), but despite the presentation, the quality of a product will stand for itself (side note: our mousse are always made from scratch, with no preservatives, additives, powders, etc). We’re not going to ever strive for anything less than great in taste – it is still and will always be our main priority. But I think we’re taking a step in the right direction in terms of presentation now too. Hope you agree!

S’more and PB&J Macarons?! And more!

by Regina 24. February 2011 09:56

After a little bit of a hiatus from macarons, we decided to come back with three flavors that were too good to not share with the world. Last week we began making S’more macarons (that’s right!) and this week we added PB&J and Chocolate. The S’more macarons are really fun – to eat and to and to make. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to set up a little campfire to make S’mores with my closest friends. Ya’know, roast the marshmallow on a stick and right before it gets too gooey, stick it between two pieces of graham crackers with a small piece of chocolate. Somehow the S’more makes the cold winter nights more bearable. And hopefully you’ll feel the same about our S’more macarons.

In between the two graham-cracker-flavored macarons shells lies homemade, all natural marshmallows (none of that jet-puffed stuff!) and two thin layers of our famous chocolate frosting. The combination brings back great campfire memories.

Speaking of memories, somewhere down this road called life, I stopped eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I don’t know when, and I don’t know why. The only thing I know is that I miss it. Is it silly for an adult to crave such a thing? This is where my inspiration came from for our PB&J macarons.

The shells are made from a mixture of freshly ground peanuts and almonds, and then they’re filled with our very own peanut butter buttercream, infused with raspberry jam.

And who can get enough chocolate? We couldn’t make macarons and not have a chocolate one, but don’t say we didn’t warn you: this is VERY chocolatey! Chocolate shells filled with our incredibly rich mocha ganache.

Any other flavors you’d like to see?

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

by Regina 16. February 2011 10:28

[EDIT: This free coffee promo has now ended. Stay up to date with our promos by subscribing to this blog!]

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day! With the holidays behind us, we wanted to start a few more promos. We already have a FREE COFFEE promo running at Fremont for a few weeks now. Stop by during breakfast (or brunch on the weekends) for hot breakfast and you’ll receive a complimentary cup of drip coffee! We serve breakfast daily – weekdays until 10:30am and weekends and holidays until 3pm. That reminds me, this Monday will be President’s Day and in honor of the holiday, Fremont and Rivermark locations will be serving brunch. Stop by for extended breakfast on Monday, February 21st.

Free Coffee with hot breakfast entree

In addition to free coffee at Fremont, we are now offering a new discount on cupcakes. Buy 6 for only $16.95! They’ll be placed in a specially-sized box so they won’t tip over or be damaged on your way to the office, party or home.

Our cupcakes are available in most of our American Cake flavors: Chocolate on Chocolate, Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Rum, Orange Almond and Carrot Cake. If you can, please place your orders in advance – I can’t promise that we’ll have these on-hand everyday. Large orders are also very welcomed:

Please call our stores if you have any questions!

Sweets for your Sweetie!

by Regina 25. January 2011 04:20

I can’t believe the holiday season is behind us. 2010 definitely seemed to have flown by, and now we’re almost done with January too! I suppose that’s how Valentine’s Day creeps up on us. I don’t know about you but more than once have I found myself scrambling for a present at last minute. Something more creative than some flowers or a box of chocolates, yet still meaningful and perhaps even delicious.

This is where we step in!

Last year we began making our famous Chocolate on Chocolate cake in the shape of a heart. We drizzled some raspberry icing on the top, decorated with a few chocolate pieces and a couple raspberries. It turned out beautifully, so we’re happy to offer it again.

In addition, for Mother’s Day last year we stumbled across a sweet creation in our kitchen. We married two of my favorite desserts to create a tasty Tiramisu Cheesecake, unique to our bakery. This is available in 8″, 10″ and a 6″ heart.

And for years now we’ve been making our Sweetheart Cake specially for this occasion. Taking the same chocolate cake that put us on the map (so to speak!), we kicked it up a notch from our Chocolate Rum by frosting it with raspberry cream cheese. It’s so good we often get requests for it throughout the year but it’s only available these couple of weeks – so make sure to place your order!

If you or your loved one aren’t cake people though, we do have several other options: cream puff hearts (filled with fresh whipped cream, covered with dark chocolate and drizzled with raspberry icing), individually-sized heart-shaped Strawberry Mousse, heart-shaped cookies (available in Raspberry Sandwiches, Half-Dippeds, Gingerbread, and Snickerdoodle).

Critics call this holiday a “Hallmark Holiday”. It may or may not be true, but we hope you enjoy it anyway and let the people you love know you love them! Happy Valentine’s Day!



by Regina 4. May 2010 10:51

Graduation is just around the corner. Whether your loved one is graduating from college, high school or middle school, it’s definitely an occasion to remember. Speaking from experience, I remember the best parts about graduating wasn’t only never having to take another final exam again, but also celebrating this momentous occasions with friends and family. And any momentous occasion is an occasion to have cake. But for this occasion, not just any cake – but a Cap ‘N’ Tassel Cake.

What makes our graduation cakes unique is that the graduation cap that rests on the top of the cake is actually also made from cake, 100% edible. Put that together with a board and a tassel (note: this part’s NOT edible!), and viola! We have a graduation cap.

Although we do make them in a 1/4 Sheet size, we recommend the 1/2 Sheet since it’s a better cap-to-cake ratio. For both of these sizes, the cap will be made out of a 6″ cake. For the Full Sheet size, we’ll use a 8″ cake. Because we’ll be stacking the cakes, we can only make the Graduation Cakes in our American Style flavors. That is, our Chocolate on Chocolate (our most popular cake!), Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Rum, Orange Almond, Chocolate Orange Almond, Carrot (a close second!), Lady Baltimore, Lady Regina, Lemon Poppyseed and finally our Zucchini cake.

Feel free to place your orders now, and Congratulations Class of 2010!

New Fremont Specials

by Regina 16. April 2010 09:25

It’s that time again! Every couple of weeks our Fremont location likes to change their specials, spice things up a bit (pun intended!). We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on our Tilapia Buerre Blanc, so that one is staying for the time being. Our Chicken Carbonara has become a house favorite over the last few months, so it, too, is back by popular demand.

Let me introduce the new specials that will be launching tonight!

Firstly, we have our Prawn Frites:

5 tiger prawns served with creamy polenta and sauteed vegetables

If I can be honest, I’m usually not a big fan of shrimp – so it surprised me that I really liked this dish. There’s an unique blend of flavors going on in your mouth when you bite that tiger-shrimp because it was first battered, fried, then dipped in a house honey-mayo sauce, and finally tossed in fried potato strings. It definitely left me craving for more

linguini tossed in a homemade thai peanut sauce, diced white meat chicken, red onions and ground peanuts. served with garlic bread

The two other specials now being offered are Thai Chicken Linguini and Fish ‘N’ Chips. If you like Pad Thai, or even simply like peanuts and peanutbutter, the Thai Chicken Linguini is a good pasta dish that is tasty and yet not overwelming in peanut flavor.

beer-battered Pollock filets fried to perfection and served with garlic fries

And Fish ‘N” Chips? The yuzu citrus glaze and homemade tartar sauce that accompanies this classic dish makes it unique to TPO.

Remember, these specials are only available at our Fremont location, but they are available all day after 11am (after 3pm on weekends while we’re serving brunch). Let us know what you think! Bon Appetit!

Tiramisu Cheesecake

by Regina 19. March 2010 10:26

Recently we have mixed two of my favorite products: cheesecake and Tiramisu to create an incredibly rich and tasty Tiramisu Cheesecake! We literally joined the two ingredient lists together. Sitting on homemade lady fingers, the cheesecake itself is made from a blend of cream cheese, Mascarpone cheese, espresso made from Italian-imported beans, Kahlua and Meyer rum. We then top the cake with a Mascarpone whipped cream. The result is a cake rich in taste but not overpowering in any one flavor (we have a lot of flavors going on there!).  If you love our Tiramisu cake, this one is a must-try!

Now available for orders: the sizes we offer are 6″ heart (about 4-5 servings), 8″ round (8-9 servings) and 10″ round (12-16 servings). Decorations around and on top of the cake may vary.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. Were about to launch a Twitter-exclusive promotion and we want your votes! Check out our profile/previous tweets for more details:

Have a great weekend!

30th Anniversary

by Regina 27. February 2010 04:41

This year marks our 30th Anniversary and to commemorate, we’ve been designing a 30th Anniversary cake. We know we’re a tad behind (two months!) but yesterday we were finally able to introduce it. There have been a lot of changes since we first open our doors in 1980 — including our expansion from one store-frontto four — but our philosophy and goal has always remained the same: make the finest quality products with the finest quality ingredients.

Since Chocolate on Chocolate is our most popular cake, it only seemed fitting that it played a role in our 30th Anniversary cake. Many of you in the past have also asked for a “black & white” cake, so we took this opportunity to fulfill your wishes (honestly, nothing pleases us more!).

One layer of your favorite chocolate cake, with one layer of white cake, filled with mocha almond ganache and frosted with mocha ganache

Chocolate Flowers available for extra charge


This cake will be available for orders all year, in all sizes. We hope you enjoy it!

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