Pure, Natural, Made-From-Scratch Pies

by Regina 11. November 2011 04:06

I'm a summer kind of girl but there's one thing that I love about fall that I undoubtly look forward to each year: PUMPKIN PIES. Well, Pumpkin-anything really. Pies, cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, lattes... you get the picture.

The other day I was at my neighborhood supermarket when I noticed several piles of Pumpkin Pies (officially the start of the season, for me). What was even more shocking than the number of pies on the table was the price tag that was attached to it: $5.99 each. 

Although I love a great buy, I know I'll get what I pay for. Our Pumpkin Pie is, I'll admit, more expensive at $13.25 each but we use quality ingredients without artificial flavors, colors or enhancers. I can also promise there aren't any strange ingredients that you can't immediately recognize, let alone pronounce. In fact, I'll name them for you:

Ingredients in our Pumpkin Pie filling:
Pumpkin (100% pure)
Spices (salt, cinnamon, etc)

Like all of our baked products, we don't add any artificial flavors or artificial colors. We don't add any preservatives or additives -- nothing but common ingredients that you'll find in your very own kitchen. We only take the mess of making it off your hands, that's it. Natural, pure and made from scratch.

In much the same manner, we bake many other pies: Apple, Cherry, Pecan (above), Banana Cream and Chocolate Cream (below). 

So while our pies are just a bit more in price, you'll have comfort in knowing you only served a natural and pure pie that was made by hand from scratch by our family for yours.

Please also see our last blog post regarding Thanksgiving Dinner! Other items that we specially bake for Thanksgiving include: Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Strudels, Sticky Buns, Bread Loaves, Panettone, Hot Cross Buns, Aged Fruit Cakes and more. Please place your orders in advance to guarantee items.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Meal Made Easy For You - One Stop for Meal and Dessert

by Regina 1. November 2011 03:24

Happy November! Can you believe that it's November already? We are only weeks away from Thanksgiving and before we know it, it'll be the new year. I blame the crazy weather we are having in the Bay Area. Don't get me wrong, I love blue skies and warm temperatures, but I feel a little cheated by the return of fall. It has creeped up on us.

So while the temperatures might suggest otherwise, don't forget that arguably one of the biggest dinners of the year is almost here. Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. Each year my family hosts, and it's always so heart-warming to see my extended family crowded around our much-to-small dinner table. It's always overflowing with food, sometimes so that we have to hold our plates while we eat. But for some, Thanksgiving brings headaches, hassles and anxieties over serving something delicious and large enough for the party (those of us who cook know that sometimes these two ideas don't go hand-in-hand). Thankfully, this is something I don't have to worry about, and neither should you.

Perfect for both a corporate event or for your family meal at home, our Thanksgiving Catering package covers all the bases for your lunch or dinner, plus we offer anything else you may need: dinner rolls, bread loaves, PIES, cakes and more.

Let's start with the main meal first. Each Turkey Dinner includes a turkey that is at the very least 16 pounds,  homemade cornbread stuffing, hand-mashed potatoes and gravy made from scratch. Serving about 15-18 people, this complete meal is less than $7 per person.

-- Homemade cornbread stuffing for a large corporate catering order last year --

Popular add-ons we also offer include:
Honey-Cured Ham (natural juice, pure muscle) with homemade honey pineapple sauce
Dinner Rolls by the dozen, available in white and wheat
Sauteed Vegetables
All other items on our regular Cafe menu, including pastas, salads and our Vegetable Tofu Plate

And of course we offer a whole variety of dessert for Thanksgiving, the most popular being our homemade, made-from-scratch pies. If you order the Thanksgiving Catering package, we offer our phenomenal Pumpkin Pies at a discounted price of $19.95 for two. Unlike other bakeries, supermarkets and alike, our pies are all-natural and pure, with no preservatives, no additives and no artificial flavors. We also bake Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Chocolate Cream and Banana Cream pies in the same manner.

-- Rack of Pumpkin and Pecan (in the back) Pies on the morning of Thanksgiving last year (11/25/10) --

So as you can see, Thanksgiving Dinner can really be quite easy. The dinner comes hot and ready to serve, and you only need to make one stop for both meal and dessert. The only thing we do ask is that you call to place your order in advance - we won't have any extras on the day of (Yes! We ARE open on Thanksgiving Day). Actually, quantities are limited so if you're interested, make sure to speak to a Catering Manager ASAP. 

-- We can pre-carve the whole turkey for only $10 extra --

Considering Turkey Catering for a corporate event? Not a problem. We've catered our Turkey Dinner for 15 to 200 people in the past. Packages are available for pick-up or delivery the week before Thanksgiving too, in case your office won't be open the week of. Call our Santa Clara (408-986-8388) or Fremont (510-252-1098) stores and speak to a Catering Manager.

Stay turned for more Thanksgiving posts!

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Rib-Eye?! And More!

by Regina 6. October 2011 06:42

[EDIT on 11/7/2011: These specials have expired. Please check follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with our specials!]

In keeping with our promise to change the Fremont specials more often, we launched three new dishes today. 

Last month, we took off our Tilapia and Fish N Chip specials and I'll be honest and admit some of you were less than thrilled with us. But we wanted to challenge your taste buds, have you try new things and be able to prove that we are capable of a whole lot more than just those two fish entrees - even though they were good. We want to expand horizons - yours and ours alike - and get a little creative.

I'd say we did just that with our new red-meat special. We took a slab of Rib-Eye steak, rolled it while stuffing it with pepper jack cheese and fresh spinach and wrapped it in bacon. Now, in my opinon, bacon-wrapped anything is great. Bacon-wrapped STEAK? Phenomenal. And bacon-wrapped STUFFED steak? Well, I can barely wrap my head around how delicious that has to be.

And it is as good as it looks and sounds. Obviously bursting with flavor, our Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Steak is served with roasted pearl onions in a red-wine reduction, alongside Chipotle mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. The mashed potatoes have great flavor and is pretty mild for those of you who don't like spice. This special is better than any other steak special we've had and a must-try! 

Because we had so many requests for the Tilapia special, we did bring the fish back but as a different entree. Our Almond-Crusted Tilapia can be served both with or without almonds (but definitely try it with if you aren't allergic!). Instead of serving it with rice pilaf, our chefs wanted to use something a little bit more elegant and tasty: Israeli couscous. Larger and slightly more pasta-like, our Israeli couscous is prepared with chopped onions, celery, carrots and lemon juice. It's light, crunchy and very refreshing. The dish is topped with lemon cream sauce, an excellent complement to both the fish and the couscous.

Lastly, we replaced our old house-favorite Chicken Carbonara with Chicken Marsala, another new dish. We know the Chicken Carbonara is very popular but it has been on the menu since the beginning. Give this one a shot! It is cooked in a similar manner but with Marsala wine, slightly healthier since it is sans-heavy cream. The chicken breast is smothered in the wine sauce with sauteed mushrooms and fresh spinach, and served with butter fettuccine and sauteed vegetables. Let us know what you think!

Expect these specials to stay through October. As always, leave any comments or suggestions for future specials. Hope you can make it into our Fremont store to try these!

See a movie and get 10% off with us!

by Regina 26. September 2011 04:41

[EDIT on 10/17/11: Sorry but this promotion has expired! Stay up-to-date with our promos by following us on Twitter!]

The Palo Alto Int'l Film Festival is coming up this weekend and we'd like your help in supporting the independent film "No One Will Know", starring Jessie Draper. You may recognize her as the host of "The Valley Girl Show", a web-based talk show where she "talks business" with various CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the globe. (By the way, "The Valley Girl Show" is currently filming their fourth season! To watch previous episodes, visit www.valleygirl.tv)

Bring in your movie ticket after screening "No One Will Know" and we'll give you 10% off your next purchase at our Palo Alto store, valid until 10/15/2011. It's that easy! Purchase your tickets for the FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th 10:00PM show of "No One Will Know" here. Keep your ticket after the screening to redeem your discount* at our Palo Alto store. Make sure to come in before October 15th, when this offer expires!

For more information:




*Only one discount per ticket, ticket must be surrendered at time of purchase, valid only at Palo Alto store, cannot be combined with any other offers, offer expires 10/15/2011

Fresh Salmon Burgers and a Stuffed Chicken Puttanesca

by Regina 12. September 2011 03:40

[EDIT on 10/6/2011: These specials have expired. Please check the more recent blog posts for current specials!]

It's that time again! Our Fremont location just updated their Specials menu again, and we did something a little different this time. Instead of the 5-6 items we usually carry for a few months at a time, we've decided to trim the Specials menu to about 3-4 items only with a goal of changing them up more often. This way we'll ultimately have more specials and a larger variety.

For now we'll be serving two new items: Fresh Salmon Burger and a Stuffed Chicken Puttanesca.

Our Fresh Salmon Burger uses Salmon meat from FRESH, WHOLE Salmon. Mixed in a few spices, some dill and some egg to keep it all together. It's served on a kaiser roll with some of our homemade dill spread (made with mayo, cream cheese and fresh dill), lettuce, tomato and onions. The burger comes with a side of crispy onion strings, the perfect compliment - or additional ingredient - to your burger. 

Our Stuffed Chicken Puttanesca ranks my favorite from this round. We took a skin-on, airline cut of white meat chicken and stuffed it with Ricotta cheese, fresh spinach and mushrooms. Like our last airline chicken special, it's pan-roasted in the oven for extra tenderness. The stuffed chicken is then sliced and served on a generous portion of puttanesca, an Italian pasta dish. Our rendition of puttanesca has chopped vegetables, capers, olives and pepperoncinis, cooked in a tomato sauce with just a tad of Marsala wine. It's really good - a lot of great flavors going on in this dish.

And, of course, our Chicken Carbonara is back again. We seriously considered taking this one off the menu for a bit since it's been on every Specials menu since the beginning but our customers love it so much! What do you think? Should we take it off the next round or leave it?

As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions for any future Specials. Until then, hope you can stop by to try these new dishes! They'll probably be around for 3-4 weeks until the next round.

Bon Appetit!

Introducing CAKE BITES!

by Regina 2. August 2011 04:00

In a previous blog post we mentioned a growing trend towards individually sized desserts. We sort of took that to the extreme with our brand new Cake Bites. There were two different sweets running through my mind when I came up with this idea of Cake Bites. First, chocolate. Just plain ol' chocolate. Minute amounts of chocolate can make your day so much brighter, don't you think? I also love working with chocolate: making chocolate decor pieces, chocolate candies, chocolate bars and don't forget chocolate truffles.

Second, donut holes. Why is it that donut holes are so much better than regular-sized donuts? Well, for a couple reasons, I think. Firstly, because they are bite-size, they are easy to eat. You don't have to commit to a whole donut if you don't want to. Secondly, and probably more importantly, there's a better glaze to dough ratio. A much, much better ratio. Even though the donut hole is smaller, the entire hole is covered, AND it's more glaze than what you would get out of a bite of a regular donut.

I have the same problems with cake slices as I do with regular-sized donuts. Sometimes I really want cake but can't finish a whole slice (or rather, won't let myself... but the topic of weight-watching while working at a bakery is neither here nor there). And like the glaze on a donut, sometimes I wish there was a higher icing to cake ratio. Thus, the cake bites were born.

They're really perfect because you can have as many or as little as you want without compromising the quality of our cakes. We used the same exact batters, icings and ingredients as we do with our whole cakes but, obviously, scaled down. And then, mostly because I love playing with chocolate, I tossed the bites into chocolate shavings to give it the truffle look, inspired by dessert idea #1.

We're going to start off with chocolate cake. The chocolate Cake Bites are Chocolate on Chocolate, the white Cake Bites are Chocolate Rum and the mixed Cake Bites are Chocolate Mocha. If they really take off we'll start adding some other cakes and flavors.

They launched today at our Fremont store so stop by for a sample, and let us know what you think. They will hit Palo Alto and Santa Clara stores later this week/beginning of next week.

Hope you like them!

An update on Online Ordering thru GINO

by Regina 25. July 2011 05:25

[EDIT on 8/1/11: Palo Alto is now ready to accept your online orders!]

Thank you to all our customers who have been ordering food online thru GINO! Today is the two-week anniversary of our launch, and we're very happy to say that a good number of you have been taking advantage of this online feature. We've gotten some feedback but would love to hear more. If you have any suggestions or would like to see something changed, please leave us a comment either here on this post or on GINO's feedback page. 

Some of you have asked us to add drinks and more dessert options to the online menu. Actually, we've thought about it before but we decided against it because we didn't want to make the menu too lenghthy. In keeping with the website's name, Get In N Out, we wanted the whole process to be quick and easy. Instead of scrolling through what would seem like a never-ending list of our products, we opted that it would be easier for you to just order at the register when you picked up your order. What do you guys think? Would it be better to list all of our drinks and desserts on the page too, even if it might be a little hard to find the exact product you want?

In the next couple of weeks we will be accepting payment through the website as well, so picking up your order will be a complete breeze. That way you won't have to wait when you get to the store to pay, all you'll have to do is walk up to the counter to pick up your food. GINO also has an iPhone app coming soon, and we'll keep you posted on that as well.

For those of you who tried out GINO and are still using it, thank you! For anyone who used GINO and have stopped using it, please tell us about your experience and what we can do to make it better. For our Palo Alto customers, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you! Online ordering for Palo Alto will be available later on this week with Saratoga following shortly after.

To stay up to date, follow us on our Twitter or on GINO's twitter.

New Website and Online Ordering

by Regina 10. July 2011 16:57

Welcome to our newly re-designed website! We've added a lot more information and tons of new photos, which will hopefully prove helpful to you. Some new features we've added are posting of our daily soups (no need to call-in anymore!) that can be found listed on each store's cafe page, and a new photo gallery. Because we did build from scratch, please excuse our work-in-progress as we finish taking new photos and complete pages. And if you have any feedback or suggestions for the new site, feel free to leave a comment on this post!

In addition to our new site, we also have some very exciting news! We are now offering online ordering for our cafe foods, available through an exclusive partnership with GINO. Short for GET IN 'N OUT, GINO launches its site today too, and we couldn't be happier to be their launch partner. Santa Clara and Fremont are ready for online ordering with Palo Alto and Saratoga coming soon. Partnered with GINO, our main goal is to better serve you. That means if you're in a hurry, not only do you still have the option to phone-in your order but you can now also order online (for to-go and dine-in) from the comfort of your desk. In addition, you can check out pictures, write reviews and search for other restaurants around you, using your location's GPS coordinates (if you let it). Remember, GINO is in its alpha stage so please excuse any kinks that have yet to be straightened out. Do us a huge favor and leave us feedback, either on this blog post or directly on GINO's feedback page.

We hope that these two tools will help us better serve you, happy browsing!

Fremont Specials v8.0

by Regina 30. April 2011 08:53

A quick post on our new food specials we just launched at our Fremont store last night! This makes our eighth round of specials at the store, and we hope you're enjoying them.

We've added three brand-new dishes this time around:


TRI-TIP STEAK: tri-tip steak served in a red wine reduction with mushrooms, country potatoes and grilled vegetables

This new special has quickly become my personal favorite. There's not much else food I like better than steak, and this one is paired perfectly with its sides. The mashed potatoes (though always good) were getting a little overdone so we subbed in country potatoes. Now just hold on a second before you dismiss them so quickly! True, you usually see them served with your scrambled eggs, but they've never been this good before. It's a perfect concoction of soft potatoes, onions, bell peppers and spices. Finally, even though we love meat, we always need a little bit of greens too.


SEAFOOD STUFFED SOLE: FRESH sole stuffed with seafood, served with a bed of sauteed spinach, corn & asparagus risotto and lemon buerre blanc sauce

If you love seafood - fish in particular - this dish is definitely for you. We took FRESH, wild Sole and stuffed it with Mahi Mahi, fresh Salmon and even more Sole. There's a bit of Shiitake mushrooms, cilantro and other spices thrown in there. It's plated with a bed of sauteed spinach, topped with a corn & asparagus risotto, finished with some veggies and a lemon buerre blanc sauce.


SPANISH STUFFED CHICKEN: stuffed with feta cheese and green chiles, served on a bed of grilled baguette, roasted pepper coulis, spanish rice and vegetables

A lot of colors going on on this plate! We took an airline cut of chicken (also known as the Hotel Cut or the French Cut - basically the first joint of the wing is left on the breast) and stuffed in with a generous amount of Feta Cheese and green chiles. If you like Feta Cheese, you will definitely enjoy this stuffing. We then rolled the chicken in fried, Chipotle tortilla crumbs. It's served on a bed of grilled baguette, topped with roasted pepper coulis (typically a puree of vegetables) and garnished with Spanish rice and vegetables.

We also kept a few specials from the last round as they were in high demand: Chicken Carbonara, Tilapia Buerre Blanc and Fish N Chips.

As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions for our next round of specials. Until then, Bon Appetit!

Mother’s Day Brunch

by Regina 25. April 2011 05:41

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 8th this year — it’s coming up fast! We hope you can stop by and join us for Mother’s Day Brunch at either our Santa Clara or Fremont locations. If you don’t already know, these two locations serve hot breakfast daily. On weekdays breakfast runs until 10:30am but onweekends we serve brunch (both breakfast and lunch is available) until 3pm!

Breakfast/Brunch at The Prolific Oven

Eggs Benedict//California Omelet

So bring your mom in to enjoy a full menu of hot breakfast foods like scrambles, omelets, Eggs Benedicts, waffles and French Toast. We also serve a variety of continental breakfast items (our chocolate croissants are an instant hit!) as well as freshly brewed organic, fair trade coffeeSpecial for Mother’s Day we will also be serving $1.99 mimosas, valued at $4.99, at our Fremont location. Our Fremont location is great for groups and, if weather permits, great for outdoor seating. You’re more than welcome to call in for a reservation for large groups (10+) to ensure seating.

Probably the best part (breakfast and mimosas aside) is you won’t have to go anywhere else for dessert! No celebration is complete without cake and we have plenty of them. For Mother’s Day we’re recommending our beautiful and delicious Tiramisu Cheesecake.

Tiramisu Cheesecake

Don’t forget to place your orders in advance! We’ll also have other goodies ready in our case (fruit tarts, lemon tarts, eclairs, etc) but if it’s a cake (or if you need large quantities), best to place an order. Hope to see you Sunday, May 8th, and Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there :)


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