Orange Custard Cream
SHOWN: 10" Orange Custard made with fresh orange zest


Orange Custard Cream

Our white genoise sponge is sprinkled with orange juice and filled with custard and fresh orange zest. This cake is popular for kids! It's decorated with fresh whipped cream and has sliced almonds on the side.


8" Round8-10 servings$48.00
10" Round12-14 servings$62.00
1/4 Sheet16-18 servings$72.00
Hi 1/4 Sheet20-24 servings$94.00
1/2 Sheet32-36 servings$129.00
Hi 1/2 Sheet48-54 servings$170.00
Full Sheet62-72 servings$245.00
Hi Full Sheet96-104 servings$342.00