Kahlua Mocha Cream
SHOWN: Cross section of Kahlua Mocha Cream


Kahlua Mocha Cream

Our chocolate genoise sponge is generously sprinkled with Kahlua liqueur and filled with out cocoa flavored whipped cream. Chopped chocolate is pressed into the side of the cake with mocha bean decorations on the top of the cake.


8" Round8-10 servings$48.00
10" Round12-14 servings$62.00
1/4 Sheet16-18 servings$72.00
Hi 1/4 Sheet20-24 servings$94.00
1/2 Sheet32-36 servings$129.00
Hi 1/2 Sheet48-54 servings$170.00
Full Sheet62-72 servings$245.00
Hi Full Sheet96-104 servings$342.00