Blueberry Cream (GF)
SHOWN: Gluten-Free Blueberry Cream, made with real blueberries


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This cake is available by pre-ordering two days in advance only.

Please note we bake in a facility that contains wheat, nuts and other allergens. If you have food allergies, please refrain from consuming our products.

Blueberry Cream (GF)

A gluten-free sponge made with real blueberries without any artificial colors or flavorings. We sprinkle just a bit of blueberry juice on the sponge and fill the layer with a genous amount of whipped cream and crushed blueberries. Decorated with whipped cream.


8" Round8-10 servings$40.00
10" Round12-14 servings$52.00
1/4 Sheet16-18 servings$60.00
Hi 1/4 Sheet20-24 servings$78.00
1/2 Sheet32-36 servings$108.00
Hi 1/2 Sheet48-54 servings$142.00
Full Sheet62-72 servings$204.00
Hi Full Sheet96-104 servings$285.00