Banana Custard Cream
SHOWN: Full Sheet Banana Custard Cream with writing on a marzipan plaque


Banana Custard Cream

One of our house favorites! We specially created a banana-almond sponge to enhance the flavors in this cake. Between the banana-almond sponge is a thick layer(s) of fresh banana custard and the cake is beautifully topped with fresh fruit. It's decorated with some whipped cream and sliced almonds on the side.


1/4 Sheet16-18 servings$72.00
Hi 1/4 Sheet20-24 servings$94.00
1/2 Sheet32-36 servings$129.00
Hi 1/2 Sheet48-54 servings$170.00
Full Sheet62-72 servings$245.00
Hi Full Sheet96-104 servings$342.00