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we are best known for our cakes, for our Chocolate on Chocolate and Carrot Cake in particular. our approach is fairly simple: use quality ingredients to produce quality final products. that's why we only use real butter when others use shortening like Crisco or margarine. that's why we use pure vanilla extract and real eggs when others cut corners. that's why we don't add preservatives or artificial flavors or artificial colors despite some pressure from a booming industry of novelty cakes. although food coloring and use of fondants that you see in tv shows are growing in popularity and appealing to the eyes, we believe that quality and taste are far more important than appearances. we won't compromise our original recipes, now more than 30 years old.

our cakes and icings are all made from scratch and always fresh and never, ever frozen. but to keep our quality high and our prices low, we only produce a handful of extra cakes each day. if you are looking for a particular cake and/or particular size, please place your order at least two days in advance. please note that not all cakes are available every day. click on the cake's photo for additional information.

american style cakes

our American Style cakes are rich and moist, usually complemented with either our fudgy dark chocolate icing or a frosting with a cream cheese base.

french style cakes

these cakes are all made with white or chocolate genoise sponge cakes, sprinkled with either liqueur or fruit juice to both moisten and flavor the sponge. they are decorated with whipped cream and have either chopped chocolate or toasted almond slivers pressed into the sides.

specialty cakes

our specialty cakes are all a little extra special to us. they are house-favorites, original creations and/or our take on a classic.


our special cheesecake recipes call for both cream cheese and sour cream, resulting in a very rich and moist cheesecake. unlike most cheesecakes, we do not bake ours in a spring form pan. instead, our cheesecakes are carefully baked in a water bath. because of this time-consuming process, we do require at least a two days advanced notice for orders.