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The Bakery

over the years the term "bakery" has shifted and become a somewhat ambiguous noun. some bakeries today only carry bread, while others only carry morning pastries or bagels. bakeries have also been further divided into numerous concentrations: cakeries, cupcake shops, bread companies. back when we opened in 1980, there were no such distinctions - which is why we specialize in it all: cakes, desserts, pastries, cookies, pies, breads and more.

all of our baked-goods are made from scratch in-house and are baked fresh. we believe in natural products so we don't add artificial colors or artificial flavors. because we do have many specializations, we don't make every single product every day. we recommend placing orders at least two days in advance to ensure availability, especially for large orders as they are baked-to-order.


also, please note that we bake in a facility that processes nuts and other food allergens. if you have any food allergies we do not recommend consuming our products.


download bakery menu pdf download bakery menu pdf