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Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary!

This year marks our 35th year in downtown Palo Alto. We are so grateful for all of our customers - those who stumbled across us recently and especially those who have stuck with us since the beginning. We will never be able to fully express how much it means to us to see your familiar faces every single day.

We're headed in a time when eating "natural" goods is more important than ever. We hope you take comfort in knowing this has always been our policy; we carefully curate our ingredients and we don't add artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives in any of our products. Not because this is what is "popular" or "selling" now, but because when we started 35 years ago, with these recipes that are much older than that, that was really the only way how. And it never crossed our minds to switch something natural like our freshly whipped cream to "whipped cream" that came out of an unrefrigerated bucket or can.

But with each year that passes, our competition grows stronger and stronger. It seems that on every corner there's a new bakery, a new dessert spot. We know without your support and your loyalty, we would not have made it this far. We thank you so much for being able to taste the real difference of high-quality ingredients, of freshness, of never having frozen cakes. Would it be easier for us not to bake the same products every single day? Does it get repetitive for us? Of course it'd be easier, and it definitely gets repetitive -- but it's the only way we know how, the only way that is right and the only way we'll continue to bake.

From the bottom our hearts, we thank you for the last 35 years and hope you'll bless us with 35 more!